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    How much will my medical ins. Cost me Jan. 1st. I only pay $50 now.
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    I could be wrong but from what I have learned it depends on what region you are in. Here in the south under the central states plan, a single person will have to pay 250, married 500. However the locals who stood strong, may get lower costs for the retirees insurance.. I was in Northern MN three weeks ago, and the delivery driver told me that he was told at his union meeting about the contract that their retirees insurance would be 50.00. I have 26 years in and was planning on leaving, but with this contract and the prior one, the free insurance that I was told I would get if I worked 25 and out or 30 and out is no longer. My understanding is I will have to purchase my own insurance because I am not 55. Once I reach age 55 I will be offered one time only, central states insurance, and I think the price then will be 450 for a single person.. I did some checking online and was able to find cheaper insurance.. I am considering Humana that will cost approx. 275 per month, but it does have a 2500 deductible.. I am holding off retirement until Obama care comes out. My understanding on that is that is in some cases based on income. So my piddly 24K a year pension may make me eligible for discounted insurance.. In a nut shell, the Teamsters and Central states screwed us..

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    I pay $250.00/person. I retired a year ago. I live in Wisconsin.