Memorial Day 2019

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  1. PTPunchingBag

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    How heavy is your building today? We have 20,000 which is huge for my building
  2. Siveriano

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    I get done when i get done.
  3. We were scheduled for 77,000 until they added 13 "surprise" trailers to our sort.
  4. MECH-lift

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    heavy volume and heavy flooding in our area , THE SHIP IS SINKING
  5. Package Stick

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    Yesterday Twilight ran 88k, Night ran like 108k. Getting 9 hours as a PTer, can't wait till retro so more people quit lmao. Some FT 22.3s are getting 12 hours.
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  6. eats packages

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    Not too terrible. Most of the issues remain a bad dispatch (can everyone count 1 2 3) that has been introduced 2 weeks ago. I suppose we will get slammed tomorrow instead.
  7. Turkleton

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    As an SCS supe, here's how my day's going.

  8. He11 yeah they do that at the Dallas hub we think we're done and have sorted the last truck but a few more pull in
  9. Yup, that's my hub too. Those last ones to back in are usually the Amazon ones too.
  10. GenericUsername

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    We had 4 extra FT drivers today who went home. I got a whole 8.25 hours in today. Most everyone else should be back by 1930.
  11. polyp

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    Tuesday, they scheduled us like it was peak. Had day sort come in super early. Got paid to stand around while preload wrapped up. Very considerate of them to hand out free time, 'cause it turned out they botched their flow projections. Ran out of work early in the afternoon, and went home without overtime.

    Today? Later start time. Hour and a half of overtime. We would have ran longer, but got kicked out by Twilight. Hard to say if it was because the projected flow for yesterday showed up, or just because they can't keep the building operational long enough to shovel out the flow.

    We should have 6 of the new gen PD's right now. On a good day they run with 5 while they offline different areas throughout the hub for "repairs". Stuff's only been in operation since November. Turns out everyday can be light if the recirc belt won't run.
  12. Analbumcover

    Analbumcover ControlPkgs

    The biggest cluster:censored2: at out little corner of the universe were the late airs. Over 3 hours late and since we didn't have enough shuttle drivers some rural routes had their savers rolled to tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I delivered a box full of dead gerbils to Petco since they sat in the back of the 120 degree truck for 5 hours.
  13. 542thruNthru

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    You sure those gerbils went to Petco?
  14. Feeder665

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    About that heavy. I almost forgot to stop at the scales...
  15. Every time
  16. Netsua 3:16

    Netsua 3:16 Stop being a little bitch

    Tuesday was light, I got the 8 hour guaruntee but got back to building early (no pickups covered a gravy old man route). From then on it was like peak every day. 2 12s and 2 11.5 hour days. Yesterday morning was one of the worst operating days I've seen in my 2 years so far, preload was getting absolutely destroyed by volume, everybody was loading 5 trucks and blow bys piled up at the end of the belt. I didn't leave the building until 1030 and got yelled at because I was "custom loading" my truck, getting all the blow bys in there.
    I had air from 5 different routes. I basically drove in circles for 10 hours with 180 something miles and only 72 stops.
    Great times were had by all
  17. Analbumcover

    Analbumcover ControlPkgs

    Same. They had dozens of trash country routes delivering nothing but Amazon packages. Hundreds of miles and maybe 50-60 stops scattered over a huge area. The Orion check-in map looked like a 4 year old went ape:censored2: with a green crayon.