Memorial Day.

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    Today, will be the biggest "mail it in" day of the year. Probably starting around 2 pm, folks begin to leave work or just plain be unproductive for the remainder of the work day. Americans from California to New York will use this 3day holiday weekend to enjoy the outdoors with fishing, camping and grilling. My bet is, they will fail to acknowledge why we have a Memorial day. a day where we as Americans remember and honor our fallen heroes who so valiantly fought in wars and where many fought and paid the highest price with their lives . I'm thankful to "The greatest generation" who refused to mail it in.
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    To all who served be it in combat or not , I for one wish to say;

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    I just planted 10 flags around my yard and the wind is blowing and they look real nice.
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    God bless you. :salute:
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    thank you to all the veterans
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    Thank you------ You will never find a Veteran who isn't proud to have served. It was a very exciting time of my life.
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    In all seriousness...God Bless our Veterans, past and present......
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    Anyways, I do wanna thank all American Soldiers for all their efforts.
    Esspecially, the past ones, that have helped out so much in Germany, freeing it, and helping out later.
    They just didn't help restore Germany, but also helped out the indivdual Germans with food.

    Truely somehting the older generation of Germans will never forget. Like my mother, or my 6 aunts/uncles that immigrated into the US.

    So, truely, God bless them all !
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    Can we keep the political debate out of at least this thread?

    Thank You to all the veterans especially my father,brother,father in law and mother in law.

    “He needs no eulogy from me or from any other man. He has written his own history and written it in red on his enemy's breast. But when I think of his patience under adversity, of his courage under fire, and of his modesty in victory, I am filled with an emotion of admiration I cannot put into words.”

    Gen Douglas MacArthur
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    Thanks to all of the brave heros!!!
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    The word "hero" is used far too liberally these days but it is very appropriate when honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.
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    I have a major milestone birthday this weekend of my own. I celebrate it quietly with immediate family only. this weekend is sacred to me. thank you for your thanking me for my service. god bless the many fine americans that made the ultimate sacrifice.

    I have been and always will be a patriotic sucker. I love this country , I love the many fine americans who felt it their duty to serve us all, I get a shiver up my spine and I cry like a baby when I hear taps played on a lonesome bugle.I've heard and read the many posts by those here who despise those who are a sucker for partriotism. But I am a hopeless whore of duty , honor and country and I ask for no redemption. God bless america. God bless the many fine americans who made this the land of the free.
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    For you Tie. Thank you.
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    I can't seem to find the words to say what I really feel about this, so I'll have to just say, Thank you to All who serve our country.
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    Thank you !!
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    awesome and numbing at the same time!! thank you
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    A personal story...

    Back in December of 2000, my son happened to be on leave from the middle east. At the time, he was an active Marine. While on leave, my dad passed away suddenly. My dad was a decorated WWII hero and had a military funeral with full honors. There was no greater pride a father could have than to watch his son in his Dress Blues and white gloves fully participate in all aspects of this very personal ceremony from carrying the casket to the 21 gun salute to the folding the flag and presenting it to me. This is how I remember Memorial Day and Veteran's Day every year. It is personal. My son took after my dad. He volunteered to guard the Cole when it was bombed. His base was the closest with fastest deployment to the Cole. Unfortunately for him, he was on active guard duty at the time and was turned down. Both these men are the highest type of Patriots. My father and my son are my ultimate Heroes.

    To our service men & women...
    There is no greater honor to our country than the ultimate sacrifice these men and women make to protect our way of life. Also, there is no greater sacrifice for each and every parent, son, daughter, brother & sister. They deserve our highest respect as well!
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