Mercury Spill shuts down Hub

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Years ago when I was a sorter a box container mercury spilled open on the belt that ran over our heads and spilled down onto the primary. It wasn’t a lot but we followed protocol, shut the belt down and left the area. About 15 minutes later they told us to go back to work. I got back to my area and packages started flowing again. I noticed all over the belts and on the ground little specks of mercury all over the place, no joke they wiped it off the belts and onto the ground with paper towels. We shut the belt down again and left the work area. Then management got PO and “ordered” us back up there and that it was clean. A few went back, a few refused and one smart guy went for a shop steward and called the local union head who must have threatened something that scared them because after that phone call they shut the whole area down and called a hazmat crew to come clean the place. The cleanup took a lot longer because the idiots spread the crap all over the place with their bs cleanup. When the shift was over the cleanup wasn’t done and most of us went to leave and again they threatened us if we left. We got the okay from the shop steward to leave and all the work had to be done the next morning. Paid to stand around and do nothing. They tried pulling the same crap when our building took a direct hit from a tropical storm. No power. They tried bullying some guys into moving packages by hand from A to Z, unload package cars by hand and take the packages to the other side of the building to be loaded into trailers all just using the emergency lights. By 10pm the power still wasn’t up and they tried to keep us there, again the smart ones left and the scared idiots stayed until 5am when the power came back on and finished.


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Got a text message from our preloader saying building has been shut down since 5:30 am and we should expect a :censored2: show when we get there. Get to the parking lot with all the drivers saying there has been a mercury spill in the building and we are not allowed to enter until a hazmat team comes and cleans up and verify that it is safe to enter the building. We sat outside for 6 hours and finally were told we could come in and try to do some of our deliveries and pick ups until 6:30. Has anyone had this happen or something similar? I guess the person who shipped the mercury didn't declare it and had it in a shoe box from what others have told me. Any punishment and or civil actions possible for this person for their lack of declaring a hazmat item through our system?
Had the exact same thing happen here about 15 years ago. It was being shipped in coffee containers and broke open. Same scenario, shut the whole building down for half a day.