Mgmt not allowing me to work on Monday


Nothing to see here.... Move along.
Was a cover, now I'm 22.4. They had me drive every Saturday and every Monday but gave me Tuesday off most of the time (stupid asf). For 2 years I did this and I'm used to it, now I'm Tues-Sat but guess what I still want to work Monday because I can pretty much guarantee 6 reports every week because they are still using cover drivers on Monday. If that's considered extra work then I should be offered first, having full time seniority, that work right? I want 6th reports every week.

Whenever I got under mgmt skin they would cut my hours or just not have me drive, but now I am guaranteed hours and I report to work everyday. I asked if I can come in on Monday and they keep saying no, lol. If enough RPCD's showed up on a Saturday every cover gets sent home soooo when 22.4 are home on Monday and you're using cover drivers it's my right to take that work

Just wanted some clarification before I start filing grievances. I'm in southern.