Mike Gravel on Palin

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Sep 13, 2008.

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    LMAO!!!! I don't think the hosts of Pacifica Radio were prepared for Mike's response. They were desiring a more negative comment shall we say. :wink2:

    I also loved the response at the end where Mike really sticks it in and calls the demonrats out for the empire war party that they are. Way to go Mike! Lots of LPer's are having buyer's remorse these days as they hear you more and more!
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    Great interview. Being an Alaskan Senator and having recently run for President against Obama, he is in tune with what is really going on up there. I thought it was funny he said there was no way he would vote for Obama and also his views on "Troopergate". He disagrees with Palin's views, but defended her actions. He also noted that the Democrats are well known for getting us into war. l can think of FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson off the top of my head, WW2 was necessary.
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    What was even funnier was the interviewers trying to break in and reel Gravel back in the boat and he continued to spit out the hook. I bet he never get's invited back.

    There is a real awakening going on in both old school liberals and old school conservatives who realize together that the super state in not only not working but is counter productive to the interests of both sides. Ron Paul unknowingly tapped into that and the genie is escaping from the bottle and not only are the Demonrat and Republicon parties starting to panic, their fellow travelers like Fox News, TownHall, Heritage, National Review and then Pacifica Radio, MoveOn, Huffington etc. are doing backflips to keep the Indians on the Reservation or is it Slaves on the Plantation. Praise the Lord!

    The sooner we break the monopoly of the demonrats and the republicons, the sooner we may finally get the chance to not have to always vote for the lesser of 2 evils!

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    Did I hear Mike reference Obama as one of the "Demonrats" that supported this war in Iraq from the get go? Can Grumpy Mike at least give Obama credit for having the judgement not to go to war under false pretentences provided by the Bush Administration. Without that "no vote" under his belt, Obama probably wouldn't be where he is today. Not only does this action shows that someone besides Palin can stand up to their own party as well, but brings a promising hope of change to the majority of voices in this country to end this war and fear monger for more war.

    Point taken as the Democrats were the war party in the past, but I guess Mike should turn up his hearing aid and listened to Sarah speak of her willingness to start WWIII over Georgia not to mention continue down the Bush/McCain war path of the middle east. I'm more worried about what the future holds for us than the past.
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    I won't share my longneck Bud. :happy-very:

    Someone posted this over at the Lew Rockwell blogs. Palin getting lots of posts over there with some positive and some negative. I actually found the link to Gravel's comments at LRC.

    If elected, McCain and the Neo-Cons will do with Palin what FDR did with Truman. They want her for the PR and not for being in the decision loop once elected.

    JMO anyway but like Gravel said, it really was a stroke of genius at least for now.
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    Nos strovia......(cheers in russian) (sorry phonetic spelling)
    Vodka anyone?

    That would also work if you take away the hammer and sickle and replace it with a swastika and a VW.....
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    Yeah, I have to agree. The demonrat party already has a copy write on the hammer and sickle so Palin I guess will get sued now among other things!


    Enjoy the weekend and I'll think about you bums. It's 2 weeks of vacation for me! Then work 7 weeks and take 2 more. I love it!