Minimum wage general strike

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    For generations, the Teamsters have been on the front lines for workers' rights, why is it that McDonalds is leading the charge now? We have the ability to break the congressional gridlock and move this country forward. If we were to make a move, it would impact things more substantially than people not being able to get a stupid Big Mac.
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    What are you talking about?
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    Starting in Vegas and spreading like a wildfire, service workers and retail workers are striking for an increase in minimum wage. This is from companies like McDonalds, Burger King, Macy's and the like. Google it- it's hitting headlines
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    McDonalds and other fast food workers are demanding to make $15 an hour and staged some walkouts today. I think that my Local 728 has been supporting it too, our local staff usually shows up to support events like this. While I agree that minimum wage needs to increase some, $15 an hour is too high for an entry level job. Who would be willing to pay eight bucks for a Big Mac? Most of these restaurants are franchises with slim profit margins, there is no way they will survive doubling their payroll.,0,5191267.story
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    I spent the day walking the picket line with fast food workers that went on strike today in my town alongside my BA. At least two of them (from KFC) were fired on the spot for walking out.

    While $15/hour might seem like too much, McDonald's could double their wages and the price of a Big Mac would only go up (comparatively) by 68 cents. (Source: Errors in McDonald's Wage Analysis) As a tax payer, I'm sick and tired of subsidizing the mega profits of companies like Walmart and McDonald's by paying for health benefits (Medcaid coverage) and food stamps for families that deserve better than sub-minimum wage from companies that can afford it. And as a union member, it's my responsibility to support workers that are trying to stand up for themselves by demanding respect on the job.

    88% of fast food workers are over the age of 20 and one third have families. These aren't part-time gigs for high school kids to get extra spending money any more. Welcome to the McJob economy.
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    How can they go on a so called strike when they are not even union? The media is loving that strike word. Or am I wrong and they are union and I just didnt know about it?
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    My only problem with the Teamsters and others who support this is why didn't they take this fight to UPS first in the recent negotiations for our PT employees.
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  9. Teamsters just posted this via Twitter, referring to the strike. The guy allegedly works at Arby's

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    The book (link) Nickled and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By In America is a great book that shows how people working for minimum wage in America are borderline poverty, living in hotels/motels/cars. Definitely worth the read - was definitely an eye-opener for me. In many states, it's not worth taking a temp job for minmum wage vs. collecting unemployment - you receive more money from the government that you do from the Walmart's, McDonald's, etc.
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    Maybe the problem is that we let manufacturing fly away overseas? These were the kind of jobs folks could live on.
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    What people, the press, and the talking head in the financial media don't say is that when EVERYONE is paying the same amount it becomes a zero sum game. All business will have to continue to compete on price and service but all will pay the same minimum wage. Its a false flag to say some will go out of business or they can't afford it. In the end the customer always pays. The difference is whether we can afford to pay Wall St. and Main St. I say both can prosper but workers need to catch up to Wall St. Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and create real organic demand and inflation not false demand and inflation based on monetary printing.

    Its not just a living wage issue its a human rights issue. Dignity for working people.
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    $15 to flip burgers in an controlled environment Vs. $8.50 to break your back .. Pass out from heat, freeze sweat in your hair in the winter, so on...
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    If minimum wage was set at $15/hour, don't you think UPS would have to up the ante a bit as far as starting pay is concerned?
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    I don't eat fast food
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    15 bux an hour for minimum wage isn't so far fetched when you look at the grand scheme of things. Minimum wage has never kept up with the cost of inflation. Everything nowadays is expensive. I can see where someone would think that someone flippin burgers doesn't deserve to make 15 bux an hour. True it really isnt that hard. But im sure there is someone out there who is doing manual labor and working hard for the minimum wage. Its easy for us to sit back while were making 32 bux an hour and act snobby like we weren't in that persons shoes before. Most likely some of us may have been. Are there people that work in some of these restaurants that are lazy people who don't want to work, of course there are. That will never change. But with the way the economy has recessed in the last few years there probably a lot of people who may not have a choice but to take a job flippin burgers on top of maybe a 2nd and 3rd job to make ends meet. Some people don't have the opportunities and resources as other people to find a good job, whatever the case may be. Just kills me how people are so closed minded and selfish about their opinions of where people work, when you don't even know that persons story. Theres always going to be bad seeds and good seeds. I feel bad for the people who may be good people trying to work hard and provide for their families with this silly :censored2: minimum wage we have in this country. Its sad that people are so stinkin selfish nowadays.
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    Quite frankly, I'd rather see (most of) our labor laws completely overhauled to allow workers to unionize via card check and without fear of company reprisal while making the secondary boycott legal again -- ie. McDonald's locks out workers on 1st Avenue, so the truck drivers dropping off food (if they're unionized) can refuse to make their deliveries.

    But that isn't going to happen, so a $15/hr minimum wage doesn't sound so bad.

    Additionally, these 20-something year olds that are walking off the job and getting fired at Walmart, Taco Bell, McDonald's, etc. aren't going to vanish off the face of the earth. They'll likely enter various other industries and take the experience of fighting back with them.
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    I'm a PT'er at UPS, but one of the guys on the picket line today told a local news crew he only brings home about $250 every two weeks.

    It could be a lot better, but I bring home between $300-350 a week and that's after taxes, 2% to my 401k, union dues, and $3 to DRIVE. And I have no-cost benefits, paid vacations, and sick days. Not to mention job protection and seniority rights. There's simply no comparison to be made; a lot of these folks in fast food or retail are barely getting by. Granted, I split a house with two other dudes but I can afford to take my old lady out somewhere nice once or twice a month and can get a six pack of craft beer on the weekend.
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    Im like you Pied im all about the little man the underdog. Hate where this country has gone with all the selfish mindless people who only care about themselves. Shame dude. I don't believe in leaving a fallen man behind. Problem with our society is theres not enough TRUE LEADERS nowadays that actually care about the well being of our fellow workers,friends and neighbors.