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"So all mirrors are broken while adjusting?"

I don't know. The original poster didn't say how his was broken. I would assume it was while adjusting. They can be very hard to turn...


So all mirrors are broken while adjusting?

after the other thread (about 22.3 jobs) and now this, I have to wonder, do you ever have anything helpful, constructive or hell at least entertaining to say?


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I lose mirrors in hedges all the time when I do a rural round. Narrow country lanes and oncoming maniac drivers make it quite common.

I've had my nearside mirror and arm taken clean off by another truck while I was in the City as well. I was parked outside a delivery stop and a truck sideswiped my truck sending my mirror and arm about 50 yds down the road. I was standing in the loading bay at the time and just heard the smash.


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"So all mirrors are broken while adjusting?"

I don't know. The original poster didn't say how his was broken. I would assume it was while adjusting. They can be very hard to turn...

All of my mirrors I have broke was while I was adjusting them. I just tell my Sup, write it up in the DVIR, and my ace mechanic replaces them. :innocent:Just make sure you remove the tree bark and leaves before you get back to the Center.:whistling
I too have only ever broken a mirror while adjusting it. Sometimes the paint requires you to push just a little harder than you should have......


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The only way I have ever seen a mirror break was while adjusting, or being wapped off by another truck. I think they are unbreakable, until you adjust them:wink:Its all we got:cool:


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hi there, i broke one driving one day, i moved over to not have a head on on a 50 mph road. the guy was on the phone and looking down at something {not the road} . snaged a tree brach and when the mirror came in it cracked. i was still new so when i went back to center i told one of the bosses, and they went nuts, they all go out and look to see how bad the truck was, only a crack in the mirror nothing else. they then had me go take pictures of the tree,road, and truck. then when i came back to the center they had me call it in to the insurance and charged me with have an accident. so if it ever happens to me on the road or not , " it is going to have happened in the car wash!!!!!!!! " . that was 5 years ago have not broke one since then, and hopfully not going to any time soon. take it easy tmac


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Another example of UPS inconsistency. Some center managers rant and rave over broken mirrors, others take a more reasonable attitude and make no big deal about it. At our center the accidents would be of a more drastic number if you counted all the broken mirrors. (A lot of trees in our area) The ones that write you up for an accident need to get a grip!


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The day we got a new center manager I was out on the road. I'm doing about 60 (I mean 55) and I saw a bird coming straight at me from 100 yds or so. It veared off and hit my passenger side mirror. It swung around and busted the mirror right out. That night when I got in I told the new center manager (yes...he was still there....I told you he was new) and he asked "Is that what really happened" He was bound and determined to charge me with it. So never let it be said that I don't learn my lesson. Later that same year, I hit a pheasant that flew out of the ditch right into the grill of my package car (ironically, it was opening day of pheasant season) so I stopped and threw the bird into the back of the car. By God, I was going to have proof this time. Worked like a charm. So if you hit any animal that causes damage to the car.....make sure you take it back with you. You'll thank me!!!


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