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I am a hub worker in Ohio and we are having a problem with the misload policy and progressive discipline system. It seems like the company makes it up as they go along and the union agrees to whatever management has to say.

I'd be interested to find out how things are done in other hubs. What is the misload policy? (1 in 2500, etc., etc.) Is the misload policy clearly stated? Is the misload policy applied equally, or do some people get "breaks" while others are harrassed? Has anyone in your hub ever been terminated for misloads? Have things gotten better or worse during the Hoffa era?


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On my PD it was 1 for every 6,000 if I remember correctly. However I knew a guy who misloaded 20+ boxes in one day and didn't get fired. I suppose if your just not reading one may get fired, but you have to be really, really bad.


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1 in 2500 in our hub. One guy had a problem, they said they were going to mone him to the unload and he would drop in pay but he now works mostly as a sorter, so it seems he was rewarded with a easier job. We always joke about the misload policy in our center, you will see poeple with misload problems hang around forever and they wont do anything unless they really have to. Yes they talk to poeple about it, but as far as fire or move to unload it doesnt happen that often here.


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I'm in Ohio. Seems that even if you are a serial misloader (not I) BUT you come to work most of the time.. .they wont get rid of you. We have one guy who misloads, A lot, every day..so they make the sups go into his cars and pull them all off at the end of the day.

Its really quite pathetic.


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When I was a preloader I used to misload all the time, everyday. Why? Because charts just didn't excist for any of the routes I pulled. Not my fault.

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Here at my Hub when i was trailer loader you had to average under 1 for 3000. When your a new employee they would warn first then after you were off of training they would start bring in full time management to give you verbal warning if you would get them regularly. make sure you have a union steward with you because if you don't management will sometimes threaten you with you job and you steward will tell you to slow down and do the job right and make sure management gets the message that you are going to have drop in packages per hour because of the extra time you will take with each package because if you don't and you drop your productivity they might start harassing you.... i don't know about other hubs but at mine they really know how to make you feel like you not giving enough effort when you mess up But i have know people to progressively get canned for misloads due to the fact they used to Union as a scapegoat from doing a honest days work

Its a series of warning letters then suspensions then termination.

So basically keep you productivity constant and at good pace because they will keep track of how fast you are and expect you to do the same everyday


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Diver, is there any other info that your supe gave you? I was/am a supe on a belt and I would never JUST give you the number of misloads. Are you missing due to lookalike states (reading Ak for Az, for example)? Are you missing NDAs? Do you get confused about WHICH trailer you are loading? I would not ask if you are being blown away: there is always too much flow too fast, but how many missorts is your pickoff sending your way?
A write-up is suppossed to be to correct anything that is wrong, and it sounds as if your supe may not be putting in the effort to break down the steps that are needed to bring you up to par. Insist on that if he must write you up. And insist on a step ramp to the correct numbers( 1misload per 1000 rhis week, 1 per 1250 next week, etc.) He should put you on a corrective learning CURVE, not expect a quantuum jump in quality all at once.
Good luck and stay hydrated!!