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    Hey gang! I hope we are having another great week in the chaos! Anyway, I am in my 2nd week. Started lastTuesday. Did a lot of training and a little preloading.
    Tues: 1 hour loading 1 package car after a 5 minute training from sup. misload count??
    wed: 1.5 hour loading 2 package cars. misload count 1 but may not of been me
    Thurs. 1.5 hour 2 package cars. Misload count 2 but may not have been me
    Fri 2.5 hour 3 package cars. Misload count 0
    Monday full 3.5-4 hours start to finish 3 cars on my own. Misload count 2
    Tues: (today) the sups found another 2 misloads.

    So my question is, Is this on par? It seems a little weird that I have had no on job training other then the 5 minutes. My sups are great. They answer all my questions and are pretty friendly and understanding. I see them working their butts off loading other cars as they seem very short handed. But it really bothers me that I have had about 7 misloads. Am I being to hard? I know my problem is trying to keep my area clean. I hate seing the packages backing up the slide and try to keep moving. I do catch myself getting on the wrong truck. But evidently I am not catching it all the time. perhaps I need to slow down a little.
  2. Unfortunately (if you're on PAS) this new system seems to increase misloads...not eliminate them. After a while 56E and 56F start to look the same sometimes, especially in the heat of the moment when you can only afford a quick glance. On the lines I work/supervise on we are using the first 4 letters of the drivers last names, it seems to help a little but not that much to be honest. Myself when I was a loader (and even know when I have to cover....our staffing is atrocious) I would have a few days with zero then I'd have one (or two) then another few days with 0 and so on. Before PAS I'd be lucky if I had 1 a month. PAS helps people who aren't familiar with the place to be effective. However this also seems to allow management expect a new hire to be as effective on their own as say someone who's been here a year or so immediately....which is unfair and foolish on our part.

    5 minutes of training is not nearly enough, even with PAS. When I was new back a few years They had a week long training packet and then weekly follow-ups until you reached your 30 days. During this time, You loaded from day one but you had a supe with you teaching as you went. It went slow (no PAS then haha) but they got it and eventually they'd get better and faster at it. I wasn't expected to have it down cold for like another month after my 30 days were up back then. I didn't get all of the mentioned training as I was doing better than others that were hired with me so they let me be and focused on them. I showed up everyday and worked hard, thats what they looked for most. Now they want you perfect by the end of your 30 days it seems. The problem is now most people just don't get proper training because of horrible staffing issues that don't allow the supes that do know how to train someone (its true they do exist, I've seen it! lol) to do their job properly. Believe it or not some do care about the people they direct.

    Don't worry too much about it KOC, if you need to slow down to get the hang of things first by all means do it. Get the methods down, show up on time, continue to work hard, make your 30 days and then if they get on you you can just tell them "you're doing the best you can" :wink:
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    "I see them working their butts off loading other cars as they seem very short handed."

    forget about the misload for now. findout who your Union Steward (aka Shop Steward) is, and learn something about your rights first.
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    Bad advice IMO. Get your feet on the ground and learn your own job before you start correcting staffing problems. You seem to sincerely want to do a good job and with that attitude you will. It will come.
  5. Yeah this was/is an issue at our building. They do exhaust all options first (I've seen it firsthand now) only many drivers don't want to come in on the preload (4am isn't that appealing so I don't blame them), no one wants to really extend to the preload from other shifts and we can't keep newhires long enough to stay staffed. We never really complained about the supes working so long as they didn't send any of us home early (and they didn't). However soon after peak they were documented every time (they cut hours as I'm sure you know), until they stopped sending everyone home. The fact is right now, with staffing in the crapper, lack of extension support from other shifts, etc. it is impossible to get the sort down without supes working. If his building is anything like ours its probably the reason the supes are working.

    BTW getting a grievance filed on supes working isn't the best advice to give a new hire...after he makes seniority, fire away.
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    i didn't tell him to start a rookie revolution, but knowing his rights does level the playing field alittle bit IMO.
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    56f and 56e sounds like same truck. Misloads is separate trucks isnt it? Sometimes the number on the edge is blurred and you cant see it. 907 looks like 707. And when the pressure is on, you dont care or notice. But after a while you'll notice as second nature from addresses.
  8. nope they're both different routes one pull had 56A-D all together 56E and 56F were on another, after a while, especially with the same route number (well with a different letter) you can slip.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree, because he will need to know them, I just don't think he should rock the boat just yet.:thumbup1:
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    Don't rely on the PAS sticker..


    Because as you know, those little stickers are put on by humans who are also working fast and make mistakes.

    The more you get to know the stops on your truck the more likely you are to catch yourself when you walk into the wrong truck.
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    Sorry but I had to laugh the image of a "rookie revolution" is funny. I do agree that knowing your rights is very important.