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    i was wondering I religiously try to put miss loads out of my truck but the manager and union Stewart came up to me and said that I had ten misloads and that if I got anymore that I would be getting a warning letter if I got anymore and I was curious is there another sheet besides the typical one that the supervisor gets that shows misloads because the usual one that I look at shows that I haven’t got that much and can I get in trouble if another person comes and puts a misload in my trailer? Also if a another person does not scan a package and sets in a trailer can the one who stays at the end of the night get pined with it when he is unaware of the package being in the wrong trailer?
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    check with the department of redundancy department :teethy:
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    Didn't like the answers in your other post?
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    Shut the :censored2: up!
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    file a grievance, make them prove it
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    I think you should worry more about being able to constructively type out a sentence and using something for punctuation than misloads...
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