Missed Pkgs


Lon Smith

We are running 40 to 50 missed packages everyday. Management doesn't seem concerned. They have a business plan to follow. Anybody else having the same problem?


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Per route or per center, either one is bad. The pas system in our center needs a lot of work that should have been done before it was put into place, now the customers are paying for it.


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Before EDD i had too many business stops.
After EDD the solution was...


this is good...

more business stops.
I miss about two or three a day.
I send them a message at 11 saying they will be missed, and by 1630 i havent heard anything from them.
This has been going on for about 3 weeks now.
Why set up EDD 1 month before peak?
It is chaos at my center.


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I know a lot of people on the board bash PAS a lot. PAS is a tool. In the hands of the experienced it can work wonders. In worse cases it can create a huge mess. The training is definitely lacking, and unless you can learn on-the-fly, you're screwed. I was basically given a week to learn my job... and the person who had previously done it had made everything a mess.


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We go from "no package missed" to "No one over 12 hours."

Very Strange indeed... we have ample routes now, and plenty of
them are all finishing... last drivers were in around 945pm today.


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Agreeing with ILoad, our center has been working with PAS for 2 years now, and it has cut our misloads down to 2-3 a day (center, not per person)

But at peak... all bets are off. As we all know.


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18 months on PAS here. Still a large pile of missed every day. (20 - 30).
Loads are far worse than before PAS.

Of course, the good part is no one can bother you about over-allowed when you're running off misloads all over town.


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we have been on PAS/EDD for 2 years and are still experiencing 20 to 30 missed per day( and that was before peak). I have not seen the daily report since peak started, but seeing what we are going thru each morning, I'm sure we are having more services failures than that each day.Over these 2 years, I have noticed how effective this system is at times and how unbelivably screwed up it is at other times. During these times , we would see changes in management that have a direct effect on the day to day operation of PAS/EDD. Our center management team does not say anything about missed packages, I think it has become an exceptable part of this system , and the big brown gods know that missed packages are now a daily occurance that will never go away.


Whats the saftey tip of the day HH?
I like the name anyways,no pas here yet,and so far this peak I had no missed.Today I told my sup before I left I had too much air,all he said was do the best you can.I said that since some was going to be late I`m gonna deliver all the ground with the air and he agreed.I called at noon to say that I still had 10 noon commits to get off .I left with 40 express del,on area at 9:45...told him I need a code 05,and help with at least 20 stops.I got the help and thank god because we had a lot of snow today.
I`m sure lots of other drivers had missed,its nasty out,10mph on the highway back to the bldg. aint peak fun?


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I am lucky enough to live in a snow free area. I dont know how yall do it up north.
How deep is the snow when you pull up to the curb,...do you just wade through it?
The UPS clothes im issued seem like it wouldnt do a thing in the frosty north.
Then again,....hurricane season is in 10 months.
Where are my waders?


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I don't think the snow is all that bad, it's more the ice and bitter cold. I'll gladly take a 100* day over a 8* day with 30mph winds. The worst is when your hands are not only cold, they start to freeze. Gloves help, but not all gloves can work the DIAD, and even getting cotton gloves and chopping off the fingertips have their limitations too. The older trucks don't have great heat, only providing that defroster.