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  1. retired2000

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    i know this maybe old school but, how do the p/car drivers communicate with the preloaders. we use to use missort cards way back when.
  2. backinbrown

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    diad has a place for comments about your load
  3. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    sups get it in a report be nice but say what happened with load you did not like
  4. ups79

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    Trouble is, when I retired in 2003, nothing you typed in to the diad got back to the preload.
  5. Kraetos

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    I load three trucks, two of my drivers come in an hour early. My first driver comes in three hours early, so I'm able to communicate, and load effectively to all their needs and specifications. My part time manager for the belt talks to them if they need to cut anything so I also never have to deal with bulk issues or really ever have to talk to my sup.

    It's also the reason I never have a misload, because they check all their packages.
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  6. backinbrown

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    pre-load sup tells me he gets what i put in because i will type in great load today and next morning i get thanked for my comment and they pass it on to loader at least that way here in my center
  7. backinbrown

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    why is driver in 2 3 hours early hope they are not working off the clock sorting there truck.

    our pre-loaders would not like drivers on belt in their way trying to explain were they would like their pkgs loaded.
  8. Kraetos

    Kraetos Preload, Loader

    I had posted about this before. My first car driver always comes in right at 6 o' clock and works off the clock sorting his truck, calling customers, ect. till PCM at 9. I would never complain because he helps me with everything from sorting the belt, to straightening up the truck, to stacking bulk to make space more efficient on the table. He's been at UPS for over twenty years.
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  9. over9five

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    Kraetos, no offense man, but are you that bad of a loader that your drivers come in 3 hours early off the clock to straighten up your mess?
  10. backinbrown

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    LOL i know you would not complain but what he is doing is wrong.

    28.83 * 3hrs a day = 86.49 a day

    $86.49 * 5 days = $432.45 a week

    $432.45 a week * 52 weeks = $22,487.40

    $22,487.40 a year this guy is giving company

    JMO but how dumb is this guy
  11. over9five

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    I'm not as concerned about him giving the company money. What really upsets me is that is a p/t job he is stealing. A job that will never be created because he already does it for free.
  12. backinbrown

    backinbrown respect my authority

    I did not think off that

    that is just as bad

    shame on driver shame on stewards for not seeing this problem and immediatley bring it to their attention

    we had that here and we greived it and made them pay the driver for her time on car in morning

    needless to say she doesnt do that anymore.
  13. Kraetos

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    Just one comes in three hours early, and no I'm the best loader in the building. I just have a really hard spot. My other two drivers come in an hour early, this is not uncommon. Most drivers come in an hour before driver PCM except the very young drivers.
  14. Jones

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    Fixed it for ya :wink2:
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    I tell my loader over and over and over what a complete, incompetent, useless, inadequate, worthless UPS employee he is. I even knock him in the forehead. Being that I only drive Saturday right now, I load my own truck. So, yes, I am the complete, incompetent, worthless UPS employee.
  16. evilleace

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    Hey King you forgot inadequate, and worthless.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    retired, they actually went back to using these in our center. Turns out the preload sup wasn't passing along our comments to the loaders that we would enter in to the DIAD so the center manager made the preload comment cards available to those who wanted them. The cards haven't been touched since he put them out last week.
  18. Ms Spoken

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    And "Least Best"

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    10 years ago, the computer would spit out a report sheet for each driver with all their send agains listed in time order. Then on the bottom of the sheet was the driver comment. These were given to all the preload sups in the morning when I was doing it.

    With the PAS/EDD upgrades on the computer, I'm not sure this report comes out anymore (maybe it still does). If I ever have an issue, I make sure my dispatch sup gets the brunt of my frustration, then he can make sure job is done right. They give me a different truck and loader every once in awhile, so I find that to be the easiest way.
  20. 705red

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    Actually its ot pay that he would be making..
    $43.24 xs 3 =$129.73
    xs 5 =$648.67
    xs 52 = $33,731.10