Moment, a realization of fatherhood.

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    Before many of us became parents, we would look at parents that had crying kids with a look of, come on can't you quiet that child?
    Now, that we have a children, we look at parents with very young children with compansion and understanding.

    Even while holding our baby in the hospital. the realization of parenthood has not hit home yet(if you will).

    For me, the moment came when driving around a nearby lake and seeing a family of ducks with the mother leading. Before my son, I would probably get impatient and honk at the ducks, instead, I was saying to him, look at the ducks baby.:happy2::laughing:
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    Your perspective will constantly change as your child(ren) grow up. The two things that can never change will be your unconditional love and the value system that you instill in them.

    I am looking forward to, but in no hurry for, the time when I will watch my children become parents. I just hope they don't pick stupid names that look like eye charts for their kids.
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    Like the one idiot that named her kid La-a--------pronounced La dash a :sad-little:
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    From Penn & teller, Penn Gilette's baby girl was named Moxie Crimefighter !! Just weird
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    I have two great kids.

    But if I see/hear a crying kid out somewhere I am still annoyed :wink2:.