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    My manager pulled me into his office this afternoon. He says I ran 105.40% on road last month, BUT he showed me the gaps report for one day last week, and he asked me why I had a 15 minute gap on this particular day. I informed the manager the customer was almost done preparing a 2nd overnight box to ship, so i waited a few extra minutes. I told my manager, "Hey, at least I ran over 100% for the month of May"! His response was, "great job on running 100%, but I'm going to have to give you an OLCC for the gap time" !


    I do what is expecting of me, and run 100% (or better) and I'm rewarded with a write-up for gap time ? I got NO respect for FEDEX Management, period !
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    And this shocks you???

    Looked for increased use of disciplinary measures to help push experienced Couriers out the door.

    And yes, the logical thing to do was to wait - Express is no longer service oriented, it is cost oriented.

    When I was a Courier, I did a delicate balancing act of NOT waiting for customers who had shipments that weren't ready, balanced against the probability of their calling in a complaint if I didn't (you'll get an automatic OLCC if a customer calls in and complains, even if you followed policy to the "T" - it is the complaint that gets you the OLCC, NOT potential violation of policy). You have no way to defend yourself against this.

    Its called a Catch-22. It is the Express of today (thank God I'm no longer subjected to that bull), and the price all Couriers pay for those back 15 years ago not unionizing.
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    Its called a Catch-22. It is the Express of today (thank God I'm no longer subjected to that bull), and the price all Couriers pay for those back 15 years ago not unionizing.[/QUOTE]

    Catch-22 is right ! A courier is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't ! They're just after me because I'm topped out ! What a joke !
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    If the customer isn't ready, they have 5 minutes, then you can leave.
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    I would've told 'em I was stopped by a train followed by a customer who kept insisting that I take his ground package.
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    I have a pickup at FXO where they won't close out the pick up until 30 minutes after the ready time. They won't close it out till every customer in line has had their packages processed. I get there at the ready time, and usually don't leave until minimum 40 minutes later. Manager won't force FXO to close out at ready time! Me, I'm getting paid for waiting so I don't care. Screws my numbers up big time, which drives my manager nuts, which makes it even better! I told her to add the 40 minutes to my stem time, but she won't, so not my problem!
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    Ok everyone...Now is the time...If you get an olcc that is gap or productivity related please, please, please get a copy of that olcc...This is production harassment through and through..hang on to those olcc's and warning letters, they could come in very handy someday..not to mention it tells the mgr that you too are very serious about what they are doing..
  8. Do not sign anything

    i repeat do not sign anything
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    They will try to blow it off like..hey it's not that big a deal...don't worry it's just a're okay blah blah blah...Get a copy of that olcc!
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    1. FXO has their own goals, so they will close out only when all THEIR customers are served. They don't give a lick about Express ready time or your RTB time. Technically, you can start scanning pieces at the ready time (PU exception, FXO pickup), and once you have scanned all pieces, inform the FXO staff you are done and are leaving (you can scan individual pieces and bag CONS, you don't have a requirement to scan their CONS for all pieces).

    If they don't have the batch and manifest ready, it can go out the next day - they are required to start closing out at the ready time if the Express Courier is present. If the Courier isn't at the location at the ready time, they can still accept packages for the day (to go out same day), but they are required to start closing out their point of sale for the day once the Courier arrives.

    Notify your dispatcher that you have scanned and loaded all pieces that were available at the ready time and are departing the FXO location with their still processing packages (make sure you do this to cover your butt). Your powerpad will show your scans after the ready time for the stop, and since you grabbed everything they had available, the packages that FXO processes after you walk out the door will show a PUP scan AFTER both the ready time and your departure time (you're covered).

    In most cases, FXO stops are scheduled to be the last stops a pickup Courier performs for the day, so any delays at FXO means that scheduled RTB time is being pushed back (which can go against the Courier). The same thing applies to FASCs. Once you arrive there at or after the ready time, you can "grab and run", you have no mandate to wait for customers at the FASC to finish processing their packages. If you have time, great, wait. If you don't, PUP the pieces, load them in your truck, offer to take any last pieces that have been processed by the FASC while you were processing what was ready, then leave. You don't let other people's problems become your own - since you will be the one paying for it if you do.

    Some may want to call it "bad service", but it is Express of today. Productivity is more important than waiting for a few minutes (and definitely waiting for more than 5).

    2. Signing stuff...

    Refusing to sign an OLCC doesn't mean a thing. The OLCC is entered onto your record the moment your manager hits the enter button. More and more, managers are bypassing the "online" portion of OLCCs, and word processing them. OLCCs are being handed out without the need for the employee to go into PRISM and do the OLCC Acknowledge bit.

    In the months leading up to my quitting, station management were cooking up anything they could to build documentation on me to be able to fire me (for those who haven't followed this forum for awhile, I was actively and openly attempting to get union cards signed in my station). They even invented stuff which was absolutely false, to build documentation in order to fire me. I literally managed to quit just a few weeks before they were able to cook up another false charge to hand me another Warning Letter to be able to fire me.

    Refusing to sign something won't get you a damn thing - it may even get you a Warning Letter for "insubordination" (they tossed that one at me too). If your station management really wants you gone, you'll be out the door within 3 months - that is guaranteed. You have no protection to prevent them from doing it either.

    Express does what it wants in regard to personnel policy - they write the rules and rewrite them whenever they need. They go through the process of building documentation to cover themselves legally once they do decide to fire someone. Remember, you are employment at will, this gives Express the ability to fire you for whatever reason they see fit PROVIDING they stay within the requirements of individual state law. There are differences from state to state (employment at will no longer means that an employer can terminate an employee's employment at the drop of a hat without some form of justification), but the requirements are still rather thin regarding necessary justification to fire an employee.
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    Now, with this new LeadON program, next time your manager threatens you with an olcc, just say you were investing time in a potential sales lead. That ought to make him look like a bewildered golden retriever for a few minutes.
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    I don't sign nothing. My manager don't even ask me anymore. Let me do my job.
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    Doesn't matter whether you sign anything or not, if you refuse, it just takes another member of mgmt to witness it and they signoff that you refused. End result is the same either way.
  14. I would agree with that statement 100%. Signing off on something (to a certain degree) will not hold up in court with a decent labor lawyer. "Your honor I was threatened if I didn't sign this olcc it will lead to further punishment" etc etc. No going to hold up to, in the end. Just sign off....have your manager print the copy of the olcc. Make YOUR own notes on the back about the incident and file it in your personal folder at home.
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    Does anyone know how many OLCC does it take to Reach the Tootsie Roll Center of a Tootsie Pop ? Just kidding, how many before you get the axe? Someone should re-write that commercial and add in a Fedex courier asking several managers the question about OLCC. lol No one has been able to give us an answer...
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    How do you live with yourself? Being a manager at Express is today means leaving your ethics at the door. These various new OLCC directives are nothing but a hit job on employees.
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    Yes it is, Do you happen to know how many before you get fired? I am sporting 2 right now...But have friends that are very very good drivers with 5 and 6. Those 195 are not accurate and r screwing our rtb times and many are getting olcc for that reason.
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    Thought you could not be fired for them. They are suppose to be used to correct your actions. They can be both negative and positive. Not as severe as a written warning. Just a note in your file. Not that you want many bad ones. Only written warnings can get you fired ....3 I believe and it's decision day !! Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I was told 3 olcc=warning letter, is this true? Also heard 7 olcc and your fired.
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    I heard you can get fired at any time, for any reason, olcc's, letters or, not.