More proof that the October surprise is inevitable....

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    I was talking to one our CSA's this morning and found out that they recently had to do training on informing customers NOT to use FedEx packaging for XS shipments. Interesting. Also found out that the hours cuts are hitting them hard too. Fulltimers MIGHT get 35, usually less, and parttimers are capped at 20 unless they have manager approval. According to some folks on here, we should be glad to get that or at least our minimums, but something is telling that the minimums train is going to be derailed soon.

    No, we're not in for some fun times ahead.
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    Gonna hurt so many to help so few....
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    It should be painfully obvious, even to the biggest idiots. But it isn't, and that says a lot
  4. Where are the Shills on this one?? We know you're out there.
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    I heard you loud and clear. And bought another route...


    They're busy getting their costumes ready for the next ComicCon, Captain Kirk or Captain Picard? Oh the agony....choose the wrong captain and the Furries go nutso and try to beat you down with their giant heads. Holy crap....that could go as Locutus of Borg, then you get 2 for the price of 1! Or maybe they are playing Magic the many things that cubicle dwellers can do!
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    I was at a delivery today, and there were about 100 Fedex boxes stacked by the door to go out via Ground. I just delivered those supplies yesterday!!! That's going to hurt the bottom line Freddie!!!


    It is funny when you think about it. From what I was told over time, no FedEx supplies other than airbills, are to be used for Ground, in fact, the shipment is supposed to be denied if in FedEx Express packaging. This is the same as Express not supposed to be taking packages that are in USPS or UPS boxes or envelopes, I guess that's one of those "Oh well" rules, kind of like working on your break.
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    So the XS is out. What about the 2day
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    Give it a year
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    Phase 2. Count on it.
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    Looks like it. I thought that was going to ground in October as well.
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    I do, but am surprised to hear you say it. If Ground fails as badly as you insist, why would Fred push forward.
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    Nah, memphis likes to do things slowly, as not to scare the rank and file.
    E2 still has 12-18 months, xs is gone within 6
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    I can see XS going away, and maybe some of the 2 day depending on the distance, but considering its 2777 miles from LA to NY, with a long haul team driving round the clock it will still take 2.3 days just to get from one city to the other, not including offload and sort time. I just dont see how it will work unless FDX has somehow managed to figure out a way to integrate the flight ops with ground while skirting certain issues. If im missing something, maybe someone can explain how it would work to me
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    XS first, then E2.
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    Express picks-up and line hauls the long distance E2, and Ground delivers it. A CTV or Ground semi takes the E2 from the ramp to the Ground facility where it is sorted and sent on the road. E2 that is close enough will be trucked.
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    Ok, but by doing this I would think there would be some eyebrows raised regarding Express and RLA as well as the ISP service model since both opcos will be handling each others freight?
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    R1A has already beat the legalese out of this dead horse.

    The RLA covers employees not the freight.....
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    All already discussed before.... (I know my stating this gets old, but there is A LOT which has already been discussed).

    The RLA covers the EMPLOYEES of Express. NOT the freight Express moves.

    The FAA regulations apply to the freight of Express, from the time it is tendered for shipment, till it reaches its destination airport. Once the freight leaves the destination airport, the FAA is no longer concerned with the freight - from that point it merely falls under regular DOT regulations (which Ground is covered under, as well as Express).

    If anything, this will STRENGTHEN the whole argument Express has for keeping the DGO employees under RLA (should there be another attempt to get them removed). With DGO only delivering overnight volume in the future (deferred volume will still be picked up - again, covered in prior threads), the argument that Express is an "Express Carrier" (as defined by the RLA), is only strengthened - and therefore the "need" to keep the Couriers under RLA will only gain traction with those in Congress who don't know what the hell is going on.

    Fred and company have completely planned this out and analyzed all angles. The only question that remains to be answered is: "Can they (Express) pull it off without the wage employees realizing what is happening before it is too late for them?".

    My bet is yes, they can pull it off. I'd hope that the wage employees realize before it is too late and do something, but I was proven wrong back in 2010 when it came to this and have no reason to believe otherwise now. Maybe, maybe the wage employees will come out of their collective stupor and start doing something about it - I'd be delighted if that were the case. However, I don't honestly think that will occur. Fred and company have proven themselves master strategist when it comes to playing the wage employees, they know their workforce quite well (benefits of decades of SFA surveys I'd imagine).

    There are just too many KoolAid drinkers, topped out Couriers and part-timers who are passing though, to give Express any real worry at this point. With the "victory" in the change in voting rules for RLA elections, I'm sure Memphis is rather confident that they have this all in the bag.