Fred, Dave, MT3 and the October Surprise

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    What will the MEM Big Cheeses lose when the "October Surprise" hits us? In a word...NOTHING. In fact, all of them stand to gain substantially through increased stock values. They can buy even more of it with their interest-free loans if they want to, and they will take full advantage.

    My guess is that the top management team will be rewarded handsomely anyway for cooking-up this monster scam. Please remember, that despite their desperate pleas that Express is going bankrupt, the October Surprise has been actively planned since 2008. Every move from that point forward has been strategically calculated, so everything they've been trying to say or do about "saving" Express has been one big, effing LIE.

    The last hurdle that needed to be crossed was the liberalized voting provisions for the RLA. When Fred won that one, he knew that he could pull this thing off with no meaningful oppostion from Express employees. Within a very short time, the shift premiums disappeared, which is most definitely not a coincidence. If we had been given even the slimmest chance of going union, Fred wouldn't have dared to do it. Please note that neither vehicle mechanics nor aircraft mechanics had their premiums altered, because they are a small enough workgroup to actually unionize, and also quite capable of bringing the whole show to a grinding halt.

    So, when MT3 or Dave come on Frontline in the next few months wringing their hands and crying big crocodile tears, you need to know that they are going to cash-in big time on this one. While you struggle to get your minimums or maybe even keep your job, these people will be partying, planning new vacations and homes, and thinking of ways to hide their newest bag of millions from the IRS.

    It's all a huge lie, designed to shift as much Express volume as possible over to Ground, and milk that scam for every penny they can get.

    So where do you figure-in to this equation. Well, you really don't, because their ideal situation is for you to just get :censored2: at the whole deal and leave. I don't care if you're the best courier the world has ever seen...they don't know you exist, because you're just an employee number, not unlike the asset number of the work vehicle you drive. And they can get people to work for even less than you do, which suits them just fine. As long as they can get 3-5 years out of them, that will be enough. No career employees/no retirements, and a disposable workforce that will be replaced over and over again before they can get old or injured.

    Let's move forward to say, September, OK? Here's a transcript from MT3's "statement".

    "I'm so sorry to say that FedEx Express needs to revise it's business model to meet the challenges of changing market conditions (hand wringing and downward glances). Your FedEx Management Team has done everything possible to increase revenues within the Express opco, but alas, our best efforts have failed. Effective immediately, the Express Service product will no longer be offered to Express customers, but they will find an equivalent shipping option with our Ground opco. The E2 product will also be shifted over to Ground as soon as possible in an attempt to increase our operating (profit) margins.

    I am asking the FedEx Team to once again make sacrifices for the long-term operating health of the corporation. This is a crisis of enormous proportions, but I know that you will all continue to deliver the Purple Promise to our customers and make every FedEx experience an oustanding one.

    The 35 hour minimum guarantee for FT employees is eliminated until further notice, and a number of you will be asked to accept PT employment for the forseeable future. Sad as it is to say (trickling tear, more hand wringing), some of you will have your employment with FedEx Express terminated. We remain firmly committed to our P-S-P Philosophy and will try to ensure that everyone possible is offered a job if one exists at another FedEx location.

    We, your FedEx Management Team, share in your losses and sacrifice, and we will be doing everything in our power to rebuild the Express division and keep FedEx Express the #1 choice for the shipping public.

    Remember, FedEx Cares."
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    Well if they think this action plan is gonna be their saviour, they better think again. All Fred and the officers see are dollar signs. They seem to forget that loyal hardworking employees helped build FedEx. Without 'em you're left with a house of cards.
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    I wish we could all protest these changes and show solidarity and Have a humongous "Purple Flu" day from the big rig drivers ,pilots,ramp employees and the couriers!!!!!! We could cause havoc!!
  4. Goldilocks

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    I just pray that you are wrong about this...
  5. DECKARD B26354

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    Thanks for posting all the info on this website. Have been trying to clue my co workers in on this one for a few weeks and they think they will still have jobs because of their seniority. When it hits the fan they will be lucky to get part time hours at a lesser rate of pay if they don't lose their jobs. In life you need to be able to see the writing on the wall and act accordingly. My parachute is packed and I am bailing out. Hopefully I will land in a better place before the end of July. Should be easier to find jobs before October when everyone else is forced to hit the streets.
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    I doubt he'll be brazen enough to outright say to employees they're doing this to increase operating margins. Our senior mgr has already told us twice in the last month that the market is changing, mentioning how much we're losing document wise due to electronic signature capture, and companies are looking for the best deal so many are building multiple shipping locations to take advantage of Ground's lower costs. We know that this is B.S., that FedEx has been working to get to this point for years, but your average employee doesn't. Most likely the majority of stations aren't even aware that Fred Smith told Wall Street about restructuring plans that'll be announced in October. Many by now may know about, are even affected by station closings and consolidation. They probably think it's a sign of the times and feel lucky to have a job when so many don't. Bottom line is you can stand on the tracks and shake your fist at an oncoming freight train if you like, but in the end you either jump out of the way or get run over. Anyone reading this hoping that we're all wrong, that it'll turn out ok, and doesn't right now start doing everything in their power to reduce their personal debt and living expenses, is going to get run over. And sadly 10's of thousands are going to be squashed and just don't know it yet. A topped out employee who's averaging a conservative 45 hrs a week and suddenly is averaging a generous 37(could only be only 35)is going to lose at least $230 a week or more depending on payscale. More than $11k a year. I've been working 45-48 hrs for several months now. If I only get 35 hrs on my pay I'm looking at mid-$30k's a year IF I sell back 2 weeks of vacation and get my full sick day bonus. If they are nice enough to give older couriers a way out with a buyout I'm taking it if I qualify. But it looks like they'll eventually save so much money in payroll that they won't need to offer anything. Just cut our hours and watch older couriers take their early pension and leave. After all if you qualify for a pension in the mid-$20ks or better you could do a lot of different things and have your pension to supplement it. At this point I'm just hoping the full implementation of these plans take at least 2-2.5 years. I'll take my portable pension to live on until my very small pension kicks in.
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    I wonder how many older couriers are military retirees who get a military pension? We have one and I'm sure he'll be fine with 35 hrs a week. We also have a retired postmaster in his late 50's with a $2800 a month Postal pension. He'll do well. I see in the future a lot of retired gov't workers in their 40's, military or otherwise, gladly taking a part-time FedEx courier job. I bet FedEx will actively recruit military retirees, many of whom will qualify for a pension by 38-39.
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    Pray away. It's going to happen. In fact, it already is. Take a look at DECKARD B26354's earlier posting. Huge hours cuts etc. Nobody needs to be shocked by this in October because it is very easy to read between the lines on this one.
  9. vantexan

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    I wouldn't count on everyone getting fired or laid off anytime soon. FedEx still needs people to deliver, and many states aren't at-will states, meaning they can't just fire you without cause there. Plus it looks like these plans will be implemented over a couple of years, which will give you time to hopefully find something better. But what if you can't? Taking a cut in pay to work 40 when FedEx pays more per hour but may only give you 35 hrs may not be a good move. Consider everything before doing anything rash. But hey if you find something better go for it. I'd have to wonder why such a great job is available with high unemployment but you never know.
  10. MrFedEx

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    I think they will sell it mainly as a "sign of the times" too. Smith has been crowing about the 10% goal for several years, but the Wall Street announcement really gave it legs and publicity. I'd love to see a buyout that I could take and run with, but it doesn't seem logical given their desire to cut costs and reduce the operating ratio.

    You and I both know that OT has been the great equalizer at Express for a long time. Motivated couriers could always make up for the lack of raises and pay progression by simply working more hours. That opportunity will largely be gone, and the 45-50k employee will be a 35k employee (as you said).

    A lot of the Kool-Aid crowd is going to get a huge shock in October when our Beloved Dear Fearless Leader bursts their little hope balloon. As Deckard B26354 said, "you need to be able to see the writing on the wall and act accordingly". He is exactly right, and the letters are 10 feet tall and glowing red. The average employee is in for another screwing, and if you don't like it...too bad. Simple as that.
  11. 59 Dano

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    So what are you going to do about it?
  12. MrFedEx

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    Resist and make their plan as unworkable as possible.
  13. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    HA HA! How's that new website coming along?
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    Exactly what a large portion of my station is doing.
  15. Ricochet1a

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    That is the best synopsis of the current state of mind of the Express wage employees...

    And why Memphis knows they have nothing to fear from the wage employees as long as the RLA is firmly in place.

    It took me the last year of my employment with Express to find this out for myself - I was dumbfounded at the absolute "herd mentality" prevalent within Express.
  16. Cactus

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    ROTFLMAO! Good one!
  17. Rhoderunner

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    "Oh those poor souls working with eyes wide shut. Can I ease their burden, can I help their plight? Sure, let's take away their eye care coverage. They will still love me." :greedy:
  18. DECKARD B26354

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    People are starting to be fired or given decision days for minor things that no one cared about in the past. Some people are finally waking up a little and seeing the writing on the wall.
  19. Goldilocks

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    About what? Where is this happening? Our station is so short on staff right now some of the managers are going out on the road to run uncovered routes....
  20. whenIgetthere

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    Don't know if this is related, but when I missed two POD's in May, my senior manager told me there would be zero tolerance for this soon. He could have been blowing smoke up my a--, but that's what I was told.
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