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    I've been reading a lot on the brown cafe recently so I've decided to go ahead and introduce myself and also because I have some questions myself directed towards center manager's of outbound operations.

    I'm a part time supervisor, been with UPS for 4 going on 5 years, I originally worked in the Mesquite, TX hub. Was promoted after 3 years of being a loader / pick-off once I transferred to the Austin, TX hub all of which where during the twilight sorts. I was lucky enough to end up under great full time supervisors here who really connect with all the part timers and don't treat us like we're worthless, which I saw plenty of at MESTX, my best friend was a pt supervisor there and coincidentally ended up as my first pts and the one to train me.

    I've been a supervisor for over a year now, and to be quite frank have turned several belts around, while attaining genuine respect from my employees, constantly making service, damages, load quality, etc. I'm wanting to either move up management or take the 6:1 route to become a driver, and have been leaning toward the latter especially after reading many of the topics in this subforum. I've heard this is a rare occurrence, but I've seen one pts accomplish this within the last year though he did the runaround from what I hear, and one just finished with driver training about a month ago. I've talked to an HR guy about going driving, and he's the one that informed me of the 6:1 deal but he's always kinda avoided me for some reason and acts really strange around me in particular. Is there someone else I should specifically talk to about this?

    Referring back to my original supervisor, he was a pts in the MESTX hub for 4 years, and was by far the best supervisor I have ever come across in MESTX and ATX. I model my leadership much like his and have found great success in his deep loyalty to his employees. Take care of them and they'll take care of you. He had a stellar reputation until he had a fallout with a FT supervisor. He made it out to be personal conflicts between the two so after he quit she gave him a negative rehire status. I want him to get back on with UPS in the AUSTX hub now. My question is would my regional manager be able to communicate with the MESTX hub in order to get that lifted and how difficult is this process? The guy can load 500/hr without misloads and his personality could go along way in redefining our hub morale, (back to the days when I was a loader lol.) These rookie loaders on other belts must not know what even 400/hr looks like.

    I've been working on bridging the gap between management and union members and have had nothing but good luck so far, even with drivers (though they're especially hard headed for some reason hehe). Im young (22) and my spirit hasn't been broken yet. ALL UPS employees have the potential to be great from what I've seen and from the people I've led, not just a supervisor but from when I was hourly as well. To me it seems ridiculous when I see the both mgmt and unionees troll these threads just to take shots at one another splitting the company even more. Despair and division will get us nowhere.

    I have enjoyed the brotherhood and comradery (and workout) UPS has given me and hope to be here for years to come.

    AUSTX 7879 baby!
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    Very nice enthusiastic first post!

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe!

    You sound like you work with Integrity and not against him!

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    If the Region Manager knows you personally, he/she might make an exception and get him rehired. Chances are real slim or none.

    Good first post and welcome to Brown Cafe (officially). Look forward to your future posts.
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    I disagree. He just said his friend, a former PT sup, can load 500/hr (which is unsafe to most everyone else on the planet). The UPS defined "standard" (which the union does not recognize) to my knowledge is 350/hr and that is generally quite fast and productive , and the average work will still struggle to keep up with that.

    Having said that, there are no other reasons given for this PT sup wanting his friend rehired except he will break his back and make the other employees look bad, then probably go on and be treated more favorably than the other people in his workgroup. To me, this sounds like what we see all-too-often, one suckup looking to make deals while the rest of the employees are told "look at ****, he can do 500/hr, you should too"

    Typical UPS.
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    Hehehe. Really? If you had a clue what hard headed was, you would reserve that term for the bosses who created the drivers mindset.

    I am sure this brown nose post will be drooled over in Atlanta, which was your goal all along.
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    This is exactly what I was talking about. Troll ahead.

    Do you really expect change to come any faster when you put down every management employee that posts here. Do not generalize me with those ***. I have plenty of those people like that who I work with at my hub. I have only moved up and been congratulated on my own terms and own results. It is a privelage to work with the employees I have led. I've dealt with horrible PT sups and one that even put my name under his misload! That absolutely disgusted. So I vowed not to do that to any of my employees. I was raised to take my lickings.

    Maybe you ignored the rest of my post in which I said I wish to become a driver. I've loaded 650/hr. I'm 6 foot 175 lbs. Pretty average employee here. It's not about working hard, it's about working smart. I didn't ever load that fast to kiss ass. My friend and I did that because we like challenge and competition and that's one of the reasons I stayed at UPS. It was fun to challenge other loaders on how fast we could load. It's what made a monotonous job enjoyable and created comradery that made us look out for each other if management did try and f@ck us over. Maybe you didn't have a supervisor that taught you that, and for that I'm sorry. My friend was my supervisor that taught me this. And yes we sweat like were in the depths of hell, but it takes a certain kind of person to be a loader, and if they aren't going to pick of there own slack that leaves others to. And what I'm referring to is other belts that load 200-250 an hour which means the people on my belts have to go over to that area and pick up there mess, which by all means is not their fault. Their supervisor has no leadership skills whatsoever, and he was my supervisor before I was promoted, and the only reason that belt ran smooth when I loaded was because I, an HOURLY, at this time took some initiative to get my fellow employees home at a decent time. How is it unhealthy to do something that takes the place of what people do at a gym, oh and get paid for it at the same time. Pacing and hydration is key of course. It's not difficult to obtain a 400 pph if the employee is informed and that's why my belts succeed with about my employees looking half dead at the end of the night.

    Why do you feel the need sh@t on management employees especially ones that are trying to make a change, at least temporarily for my current employees.

    Your the type of person that goes in and tells others not to feel sorry for PT sups because they chose that job. Well guess what there are other deciding factors that go into that. Like a young kid needing money to pay rent. Your throwing us to the dogs just like upper management does and that makes you no better. Keep your nose and face over that contract because you couldn't even make eye contact with someone that actually has to do something to keep there job.

    My employees take pride in being under me. Maybe if you knew me you could understand why. BUT YOU DON'T. Stop generalizing please. Individualism will always strike down over the mass. So sheep keep bahhing away. Don't be so brainwashed by your own side of the fence, I'm standing on top of it 6 ft high.
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    Not everyone wants to hurt themselves and load much faster and "more hardcore" and crazily/frantically. Most people want to earn a fair days work for a fair days pay. Respect that or not, I don't care which you choose. When I was younger than you I learned that not everyone is made equal. Maybe you did not.

    I always stand up for the PT and FT supervisors, if anything. It is the DM on up that is truly in control of workgroup morale. PT and FT supervisors facilitate a business plan, but do not control it.
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    I was on preload for 6 years. Were you?

    Maybe If you knew me, you would understand where I am coming from. BUT YOU DON'T. Stop generalizing please. There are management I respect. You are not one. They work for it, though, as I had to for theirs.

    No, I didn't have a supervisor to teach me to load, unload, do DA, scan, be the A.M. Clerk, manage preload when we had no one, change pinlocks, move feeders, drive the brown truck, take care of OMS' spot, run the dispatch computer because our sup was sleeping with a preloader, or many of the other jobs I picked up the slack on.

    Unlike you, I am a full time bid route driver. I don't have to hope for it. I didn't form my opinions because it was the popular thing to do. It's because of the management I have encountered, and had experiences with.

    I highly doubt you could keep up with me in the feeder or loading trucks. I don't care, either. I have no one to prove anything to, unlike you.

    Keep working on that bridge while you laugh behind the backs of the 'hardheaded' drivers you claim to be helping. Keep on talking about how much you and your boy can load while putting down the ones who can't. Oh, that;s right. They are just whiners, right? I am sure your boy is perfect and the female sup was just a beatch.

    I hear that whambulance, again. Run, boy, run. I bet you will get a bone if you catch it!

    Keep loading for all its worth. You will be on comp, like me. Then, tell me how wonderful UPS is.
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    What is the minimum accepted required for loading in your area?

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    Apparently, whatever he and his 'boy' can put out. Not what is safe for any normal human to be able to maintain while maintaining his back and body in working order for the rest of their lives.

    Apparently, the preloaders he 'supervises' are suppose to 'have fun' while putting their backs out. Then, get written up for getting injured.

    Apparently, he will be in Altanta before long. Scott's butt boy.
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    I can not really make a fair assessement of an individual from 2 posts on the Brown Cafe.

    I want to give every human being a chance.

    Everyone can work with Integrity and not against him.

    I have my reasons for wanting the minimum accepted requirement for his work area.

    This requirement is not contingent on what anyone produces, it is a number that is a given.

    I encourage you not to rush to judgement of any man or woman.

    Everyone deserves a chance.

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    Welcome to the cafe, As I read this post, You have an agenda, You come off very cooky, BUT I WILL GIVE YOU THE BENEFIT. AGAIN WELCOME ABOARD
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    I can smell a pompous ass a mile away.
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    How about one who is 95 miles away?:wink2:
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    Don't you think everyone deserves a chance?

    Doesn't rushing to the judgement of someone's character tell more about the character of the one judging than the one judged?

    I say this respectfully as a question and not to judge anyone.

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    I'm not sure what this young man said that warrants your ire but it's highly offputting. To answer your question XaosinATX it is possible to have someone's re-hire status changed. 1 PT supervisor in our hub was fired by a sort manager, and was re-hired by another after the sort manager that fired him left. If your friend is as good as you say he is it's definately worth a try.

    For the record the expectation in our hub regarding PPH is 300 pph. We've recently been beta testing a scanning upgrade that will notify you when you've scanned a missort so essentially the loader's job is now simply to build full stable walls, no checking required. 300 pieces an hour is the equivalent of 5 pieces per minute. It's not an impossibly high unachievable number, not by anyone with the slightest work ethic that is. When i was a loader I was loading between 350 and 450 an hour and I remember how annoyed i felt when i was pulled to go help the guys next door who could barely do 200, and yet this person was making upwards of 20 dollars an hour because they were a full timer.

    "How on earth is this fair?" I thought to myself.

    And that's the day I realized the Union just wasn't for me. Good employees don't need unions.
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    I was pretty clear in my response. If the puts you off, so be it. And for the record, good COMPANIES don't need unions. Good employees who work for bad companies do.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Unions promote mediocrity, discourage initiative and protect bad employees.