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    Heard a rumor today from a managment person at SouthEastern freight. He says he heard that Yellow/Roadway will be filing for bankruptcy protection. Anyone know, heard anything about this?
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    This rumor has been going around for a while. UPS Freight is hoping they close up so they can get some "barns" cheap. Their freight will be easy to get.

    I feel sorry for their drivers that I have known for many years. Some of them used to be low seniority UPSer's that had a chance to work daylight and be top seniority when Yellow & Roadway opened terminal's in my area.
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    In March YRC got the banks to reorganize thier debt to the tune of 962 million, so with the Teamsters giving up 10% in wages they have about 9 months of breathing room.
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    today on the PA Turnpike I saw ABF tractors pulling Yellow Freight trailers...........did I miss something in the news?
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    Not the case, at least not right now.