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    EDIT: After searching through this forum, I think I've answered one of my questions. Looks like I'll stay at the top rate when/if I make the switch.

    I am 21 and have been working for UPS for a couple years. I just got a chance to go FT as a PC driver, and I'm going to take it, but my ultimate goal is to get into feeders. My hub hires a lot of feeder drivers, and MANY more than 1/6 of them are outside hires. Maybe even half. I have a Class A CDL with the necessary endorsements. 2 questions...

    1. What is the minimum age for feeder drivers? I've heard 25 and 23.

    2. If I work my way up to top pay in package, do I have to start the pay progression over again once I go to feeders? I.e., if I am making 27 an hour driving a package car 3 years from now will I continue to make 27 an hour once I move to feeders until the pay progression "Catches up"?

    Thanks for the help, guys and gals.
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    Per the contract, you only go through progression once. When you change classeifications (i.e. go from pkg to feeders) if you are at top rate in one classification you will go to the top rate of your new classification.
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    Where can you go driving at just the tender age of 21? I want to transfer there immediately.
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    Up here in Ottawa you can be a driver at 21.
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    He wasn't talking about the legal age, which is also 21 here. He was talking about the time that it takes most PTers to advance in seniority to be able to bid on a FT driving position. The wait can vary from as little as a year to 10 years plus.

    (Unless you get hired off the street:wink2:.)
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    I am not sure what the minimum age for feeders is. Ask a driver supe if they could print a feeder school bid for you. Not to sign, just to read. That will have all the qualifications on it. Remember, you have to be 1-year accident free, if you are a package driver, that means any avoidable accident. So if feeders is your goal, be extra alert and careful and all that other BS.
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    25 yo, no dui in last 36 months and no traffic violation of any kind in the last 12 months. No UPS avoidable accidents in the last 90 days(I think).
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    1 year.
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    I stand corrected :youreright: