Moving from PT Package Handler to Package delivery driver queston.

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    I know the wait time varies between each location and I am really new at UPS. So it will be a long wait. But how does it work exactly? If there are 15 other people that were there before me that want the job, I have to wait for them to become drivers before I get a chance? And anyone that comes in after has to wait for me to advance?

    I heard they will bring out a sign up sheet for it? Do I have to wait for them to announce it or do I just ask about it and get my name on it ASAP?
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    Yes, seniority works as you described but remember those 15 guys might not be eligible to drive, want to drive, know where the bid sheet is, etc.

    The bid (sign up) sheets should always be posted in the same spot.

    Make a habit of checking for new bid sheets regularly.

    Even if you're not the highest seniority guy sign it anyway.
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    Sign all the bid sheets you can. You never know....
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    Some areas don't post bid sheets to sign for package delivery driver. You have to go to HR to have your name put on the list (& the list may expire every year).
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    Do people normally move from package handlers to package delivery drivers? Or is there usually a step in between?
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    In a perfect world you would be a Saturday driver for a while, maybe 6 months to 2 years. This would be in addition to your part time work. This way when you are the highest seniority part timer in your bldg. who gets their chance at a fulltime driving job you will be familiar with how it works.
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    In a perfect world you would skip working on the inside and go straight to package car.

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    I too want to become a package delivery driver but I only got a year and 4 months under my belt so I still got a ways to go. I'm hoping to be a delivery helper during peak so that will give me some experience.
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    It sucks how they constantly hire off the street full time drivers in (nyc)
    my center when there are centers with people who are waiting10+ yrs to drive. Bunch of punks who don't know what it's like to sling boxes for peanuts and think that it's easy, lol. Crystal ball says I'll be a driver before I'm 22. Just got to keep driving safely and smartly and hope no idiots crash in to me.
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    How does it usually work in a not so perfect world? Work PT Package handler for 10 years then move to package delivery?
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    in the real world you go to driving school and pass. you then come back to your preload job with a title of cover driver. you start asking the driver supervisors every morning if and when they need you. Only to get the run around and be told youre not needed. then you are told to report to different supervisors who also have no idea when you will be needed. then you wake up the next day still preloading wondering if youll ever see a check like the one you got for driving school.
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    I only made $100 a day before tax ($12.50 an hour) in driving school. That's not a lotta money.
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    He went to class for cover driving, so if he's in the South they paid him $28 an hour for 40 hours. He probably doesn't make that much in a month preloading.
  14. TooTechie

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    wow, not bad