MT3 Responds To Calls For Better Communication: WHY

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    Dear Team Members,

    Recently, many of you have expressed concern that you need better access to your Leadership Team here at FedEx. Because the We Hear You (WHY) Program works so well, I will actually respond to your request for improved communication. Here is my solution, arrived at through many hours of research, discussions, and feedback: A Virtual Suggestion Box!! (AVSB). Yes, now you can communicate directly with your deity (me), whenever you wish, and I might respond if I'm in the mood to be nice.

    So, just post your suggestions here, and I will respond through my good friend and admirer, MrFedEx, who thinks I walk on water (I do, you know). I eagerly await your suggestions, as long as they raise productivity, don't cost anything, and make me look good!

    I'm ready!! I love you!!


    Matthew Thornton III
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    I cant i have to take my hour break