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    I really want to be a driver!!! So my name is Nick and im 19 ive been a helper for the past two years (currently in my second season) Ive been well trained, know the job and i love it!!!! My plan is the become a package handler after peak, my local driver says he'll try to get me in. Im hoping that i can put my name on the drivers list after paying dues for a couple of years and be a seasonal driver in summer/winter when im 21. So my questions are what is the chance that they will hire a helper to work inside and what are the chances that a seasonal helper can get get hired full time?

    All responses are appreciated!!
  2. Cementups

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    If there are openings, good chance.
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    Yeah, i feel like if i wait to apply online, they'll give me the run around!
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    apply as many ways as possible. If they keep seeing your name in different avenues then they may get the hint that you want the job. Plus, don't wait for your driver to get you a job or it may not ever happen. While I'm sure he likes you as a helper, he may not give two :censored2:s about you have a more permanent position.
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    Im not his helper. I just live on his route. Yeah i get that feeling with the drivers and sups ive been with, it lingers. Its like untill i get in the building they just look at me like a workhorse!
    its like "UPS" refers to drivers as numbers, well im a decimal point, lol:happy-very:
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    I was a helper in 07. After peak, I called the center manager every 2 or 3 weeks, and got hired in May once some people quit. BUT don't listen to them about potential driver opportunities. They really like to dangle the carrot. It's different in every center, but it can take a long time. Ask your driver what's the wait like.
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    If i were 21 i would of been a seasonal driver right now, when talking to HR i told her my story and she literally said, "im going to make you a seasonal driver, ok hun" OK, SURE!!!! "do you drive manual trans/how old are you?" yes, im 19 "oh, you need to be 21." well Nicholas get inside the building and when youre 21 you can drive seasonal twice a year.
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    HR will take the recommendation of the driver in to consideration when they decide whether to retain any helpers on a permanent basis. I have been able to get two helpers hired--both had to wait until spring to be brought back. Your performance over the next 3 weeks or so will go a long way toward you meeting your goal.
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    Getting hired as a permanent is the easy part. The hard part is waiting years to go driving. In my area the wait is at least 7 years, but you could always get lucky. Good luck.
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    If he is a brown noser
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    Whatever it takes.
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    Your performance is the key to your success.

    As a helper, you have to impress the drivers you work with. Touch base with the supervisor of the center. Get the direct call in number from your driver.

    If you impress your drivers, stay in touch with Human Resources, fill out the online app, touch base with the local supervisor every 3 weeks or so you might have success if the economy picks up.

    The next seasonal volume increase starts in late winter early spring and continues until Father's Day is over. The bottom drops out after 4th of July until mid August.

    Know your physical limits. If you get injured you will not be considered until next year. If you call in sick or can't make it in... that speaks to your lack of reliability and dependability, so do what you can to stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep so you can stay healthy.

    Work safely don't do anything that puts your safety, your driver's safety or the public's safety at risk.

    Also remember who your real boss is..... your driver. Without his/her recommendation you probably won't get on (this year).
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    WOW, really?!?!?!? No, offense but that sucks. By me its a year and a half, maybe two. Thats why im hoping that i can get in this year, by the time im 21 i should be due!
  15. klein

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    Here is my dream job, which I did apply for. Comes with new vehicle, gas and registration paid for, too !

    Labatt Sales Representative - Edmonton-LSRED1123

    [/h] Labatt Sales Representative

    What are we looking for?
    We are looking for a full-time Sales Representative for our client Labatt. The successful candidate will be a self-starting, competitive, imaginative, direct, influential, persuasive and self-confident individual. They must have proven sales experience, be driven to succeed, and thrive in a fast paced environment that presents a variety of challenges. They must also be motivated by pressure to meet deadlines and deliver against specific sales objectives.

    What will you do?

    • Execute a call cycle at both Retail and On-Premise accounts to drive sales of key Labatt Brands (distribution, pricing/profitability, placement and promotion)

    • Establish, build and maintain strong customer relationships which translate into sales results and increased revenues for the organization
    • Deliver against key initiatives that will ultimately drive Labatt's position in the marketplace

    • Measurable results are to be obtained despite opposition or resistance

    • Administrative Tasks - Collection of information from calls executed and maintaining/updating customer profiles

    • Management of monthly expense budget
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    My performance is based my driver/route. Last year i had the hardest route and we had to MOVE, therefore i wasnt as safe as i should of been. This year im working as they want me to, safely!
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    You ain't due nothing. Your public school teachers and parents think you are "special". Don't matter here.Wait in line. The union rules. There are dozens of people ahead of in line ahead of you at UPS in seniority for the bid you seek. Put in your time loading. Wait years.
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    Something intresting happened today, we were being followed by the safety and insuance guys. My driver knew this so i was DR-ing on the walk to the address, while he was sorting. So i made the delivery, turned around and he was standing there like the FBI while his buddy was inspecting our truck. They knew my name and were asking me stuff like water snacks? in my bag on the truck. heavy packages? nothing out of my range. They said that they liked my use of the handrail and seatbelt and to keep up what i am doing!
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...or you can skip all that crap and get hired off the street...
  20. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    And make sure you tell about coming in early to sort truck, help with dispatch, and the art of taking lunch at the end of day to help out.