My hub will be laying off 263....including me

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    Yesterday my Full Time manager sat down with me and explained that UPS is doing some restructuring and that i may lose my job in the mist of things. Im a a non union UPSer who works in a temp depatment. I came into the job as a temp but was hired on the continue to do the same job as a UPSer. Last night I was handed a packet titled "Separation Allowance Plan". From what i understand from reading the packet is that my job is pretty much up in the air and that if someone with more senority wants my position they can take it. However UPS has an option to offer me a job else where in the building or a different location. Today i will go back to my full timer and asks the questions that i have about it because it makes no sense to me at all. My location is still hiring new people almost everyday! Hell my department is getting 2 new paeople today. I dont understand how my job can just be givin away like that.I put in my letter to become a supervisor last month and had a excellent chance of getting the p/t sup position when my current sup gets promoted but now im not even sure i will have a job by next week.

    Scary part about it is with the packet came a 2 page list of employee IDs totaling up to 262 of who might get the axe. Apparently if i dont get an offer for a job in UPS then i will be officaly laid off. February 16, 2009 is when the job selection process begins. BTW my UPS is in NJ
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    Explain to us exactly what it is that you do and why you are not union ?
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    Where in jersey?
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    I work for High Value in MEANJ. HV is a non union department always has always will be.
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    They gave you other employees ID numbers? I would consider that personal information.

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    If you are not union then you have no protection. UPS can get rid of you. Sounds like they are choosing to make it union. Good luck. HV is one of those weird positions that is union at some places and non union elsewhere. Most of us here would be delighted if UPS chose to make that department union.

    I hope you get to keep some sort of job with UPS. You must be in a large building. My UPS center doesn't have anywhere near 263 employees total. Maybe half that if you add everyone (drivers, sorters, managers, etc...) together.
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    I hope you do not lose your job or anyone for that matter! I think that UPS is too important to the economy now and needs to keep all their employees. Keep a good attitude and everyone will be thinking about you and the rest out there. Good Luck!
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    If the Meadowlands is laying off 263 people....... my question is how many people will be left? 263 is a ton of people
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    I have been an UPS'er for 20 years and on January 6th we were told that our District office was to be closed along with 5 other offices. Along with our restructuring is combining the Metro Jersey and North Jersey into Metro Jersey, this must be where you are at. This district and center re-structuring has been going on for some time now. The districts are getting larger as information technology gets better. I'm part of this last re-structuring and my office is closing and many people that are administration and specialists will be losing their jobs. I being one of them received a severance packet. In the packet was information about the ages of the employees that will be leaving but on other personal information was given. This had to be supplied to us for age discrimination reasons, which follows the government guidelines. The first thing that many of you will reply to this post is why were you not unionized. Well several years ago the union came very close to unionizing our office but management worked on us until we backed down. A nearby office did go union and are still working today with no UPS'er losing their jobs due to the restructuring going on. But at this location when one person retires they do not replace them so one day they will be gone and the work they do will be sent to the site that all other districts send their work to. If you are interested in staying with UPS I would suggest that if you can afford it go part time and take anything you are given because these are tough economic times and anyone working should be thankful because I'm seeing about 40 people will not have their jobs because of this restructuring. Even though UPS has a severance packet and it is a pretty good one to replace the type of job I have right now after all these years it just cannot be done. So hang in there but check all of your options.

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    I am an admin in NOJ and we received the packet as well listing various impacted departments and the number of impacted employees. There is a total of 70 positions that will be eliminated as of April 30th. That means 70 admins out of a job. Once they know for sure who is going to accept the package, they will have to start the job selection process. A seniority list should be out next week. Nothing more we can do but to wait it out.
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    Sounds like a sort may be eliminated, and if that's the case, the union would have been notified, and then the placement of employees by seniority begins, with the least seniority people getting laid off.

    As far as the High Value non union positions, the work performed by the clerks is clerical in nature. And more often than not, done by temps, if no other UPS administrative person wants the job.

    The physical movement of the packages to and from the clerks is done by union employees. There have been some districts that have union high value clerks, but the positions are minimal, depending on the sort volume for high value packages, either one or two employees.
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    That sucks man. I hope things work out for you
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    I don't see how that is possible that certain clerical positions are non-union and some are union. Sure it's UPS and nothing makes sense, but thats not a good enough answer. There were massive grievnaces for sups doing union work that was clerical for years (DA, SPA, etc) in Local 801? so where is the line drawn anyway? Employees in all three fo the buildings I have worked -HV personnel are handling and moving packages. In two of those buildings the clerks were non-union. In the hub I'm in now I BELIEVE they are union but I do not know that as fact.

    To the author: Regardless, if you do sign the seperation papers, I believe you will get 8 weeks paid. I'd take the money and run if I were you!
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    When I was a clerk on the inside I did high value packages. However, the volume was 1-5 HV packages per night. A guy who transfered here told me his center had an outside contractor person come in and do their HV packages but they had enough to put 1 person to work for an entire shift.
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    High value clerks here are union!
  16. brownmonster

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    OMS takes care of HV here.
  17. brownmonster

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    If you're not moving boxes for this company now your job may be in jeopardy.
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    When our district finally let us know who was staying and who was going there were no positions in Human Resources and in Finance. The only ones who did not take serious hits were the IE department and Security. They left a few in Business Development. Expect the worst if you are blending into another district.
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    The meadowlands is a 24 hour hub. They do not have a sunrise sort as the preload is running and the hub cannot run while the preload runs.

    each sort has between 575 and 675 people, and that is just package handlers. Meadowlands is the 3rd largest daily volume building (aside from louisville). CACH is first and JAX is 2nd, but only beats meadowlands by like 3k per day...and they have 4 hub sorts while meadow has 3.
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    Why can't a sunrise and a preload run simultaneously? During peak, the Night Sort at my building would regularly overlap with the Preload. Also, they run a mini-preload shift during Night Shift hours.

    Our building is set up so one of the secondary sorts has 4 of it's belts going to each boxline. I am curious how meadowlands is set up so a hub op would interfere with a preload op. Also, my building only has a Twilight and Night sort.