My meet driver's "VOJS" ride....LMAO!!!!!

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    My meet driver said he had a "virtual ojs ride". He is now paranoid saying that UPS leases time on satellites to take real time pics of every feeder set on the road to watch drivers in real-time. His supervisor giving him the "virtual ojs ride" said it is true. Now a few things that contradict the belief of what is believed....

    First, the cost of doing such a thing would be astronomical. Why on earth would UPS spend so much to pay such as Hughes Aerospace to spy on feeder drivers. Do these guys, (my meet driver, and his supervisor) know what it takes to maneuver a satellite into position (depending if the satellite is a geo-stationary, or polar orbiting type) to take a few pictures? the uplink commands etc.? It takes a lot more than just "dialing into" your favorite xm, directv, or dish network satellite to get such images.

    Second, what would be the cost benefit of doing such a thing? The IVIS now tracks everything down to the hundredth of a second.

    Third, and the most important. If you are paranoid someone is watching you, you must be screwing around and not doing your job.

    Look anywhere on google earth, and eventually you will find a feeder set somewhere in the U.S. All the supervisor has to do is cut-and-paste your previous work day's track on google earth-and claim he or she is watching you. Eventually, one would run into a picture of a UPS feeder set on the road. A co-worker of mine had his "vojs" a few days ago. The comment was made, "why were you driving 45 in a 65 mph zone?" To which my co-worker asked for his work day to be "cut-and-pasted" on google earth. Sure enough, google earth didn't show road construction.

    A couple of notes to my meet driver and his supervisor...
    1. Stop screwing around on the clock. You are paranoid because you are guilty of taking a 15 minute non-recorded stops.
    2. You and your supervisor are so full of S*&T about real-time UPS satellite imagery...go listen more to Coast-To-Coast A.M.
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    My meet driver's "VOJS" ride....LMAO!!!!!

    The use yesterday's data. It's not real time. They also use google maps. I looked at my house from it. My pool that was built last years isn't there. Odd?
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    i laugh so hard at the paranoia i hear from hourlies

    the things you guys believe are ridiculous

    the truth about management is much more boring, and where you see conspiracies, it's really just incompetence, or laziness

    to be fair though, i believed all that crap too when i was an hourly
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    You got it all figured out, bro. I bet you run to the restroom after you strap in your walkie talkie. Look at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breath, inflate your chest, say to yourself: " This is what a BAMF looks like. Let's wrap this preload, baby." You're going places young buck.
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    Hey man, don't knock art bell.....he's the real

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I picture him as doing a joe peschi
    Imitation, you talking to me??!!
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    My meet driver's "VOJS" ride....LMAO!!!!!

    People that think google maps is live just crack mr up. I lived in my house 2 years before it looked like something other than an empty lot
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    ouch,,, bad week?
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    Just drive where you are supposed to drive to, taking a reasonable route and/or approved path, driving the speed limit when it's safe to do so.
    Stop when you need to stop to use the restroom or if they want you to call, for example (be a smart Feeder driver and know & plan for good places to pull in and out of efficiently & safely)
    Take your break time & meal time at one of those stops or at your TA point within reason. Don't drive 5 miles off the highway for that special BBQ joint.
    If you 'take' some time talking excessively with your meet driver, for example, give it back from your break later.
    Wait where you have to wait, at the CPU for example, not at Subway because you "know" they won't be ready.
    Note down exceptions to the above and notify dispatch about major ones so they put it in the notes.

    Just being reasonable in everything you do will avoid 99% of potential problems. As one of my managers likes to say "We give you the time, don't abuse it".
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    I was told on a safety ride before we even got the new IVIS the UPS owns satellites. They could probably use a satellite with a synchronous orbit to do a lot of their communication with. I've had drivers tell me when they got questioned why they were at the railyard too long because they needed a chassis changed that the program showed them on one side of the railyard, at the office, and then by the shops.

    When I got my last safety ride I was told about the virtual GPS and later when I was doing assesments watched over another sup's shoulder while he did one. It looked like the screen on my Garmin gps, blown up, not off google earth pictures. I guess they can use a superimpose a google earth pic to see if you were in a rest area or whatever. During my safety ride I did tell the sup if I gotta use the bathroom I'm gonna stop but I don't really abuse it. Wait till they get the cameras..........

    I know of other drivers that have been questioned about why they stopped. With the old IVIS on a long run there was one sup who could figure by the miles you'd traveled where you stopped but the new one has a lot more capabilities.
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    "....paranoia strikes deep...."
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    My meet driver's "VOJS" ride....LMAO!!!!!

    Apparently this feeder driver is unaware of the existence of (a) clouds and (b) the fact that it gets dark outside at night.
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    About a month ago, our management team reviewed with every one of our drivers their new telematic system for feeders. They showed us a mock up of what the system could and would do. PartTime Bossman, you can spew all you want about paranoia, but when your management team tells you point blank that, "if we need to, we can look at real-time satellite pictures of where you are". Now, yes, that could be the usual management horsepile that you guys are famous for, but that it what we were told.

    The real problem is the same problem that we've always dealt with in this company. Production standards always have been, will always be a load of shcit. I could care less whether or not UPS is spying on me. I'm not stealing from UPS, I just work safe and thorough. Too bad management is too ignorant to see the difference.

    Example: If I'm scheduled to leave my hub with one trailer, my time allowance from the time I clock in, to the time I leave the gate is 19 minutes. From the time I clock in, to the moment I get my tractor rolling after I pre-trip my tractor, it takes 15-16 minutes. So, that leaves me 3 minutes to drive to the door where my trailer is, hook up, pre-trip my trailer and leave the gate. Hmm....I better hurry, huh?

    Another example: The hub I drive to--usually with a set of doubles--I'm allowed 39 minutes to hit their gate, break down my set, drive to the other side of the building, go upstairs and get my dispatch, sign off my equipment, go the bathroom, get back to my tractor, go find my two trailers, dolly, and hook them up, pre-trip, and leave the gate. Now, the sane humans can look at that, and laugh about the 39 minutes that it is all supposed to done in. IT CANNOT BE DONE. Our sups know this, but tell me to get as close as possible as I can. So I ask them if they know it can't be done, why is 39 minutes the standard? They look at me like I'm speaking Greek.

    This is why I don't argue numbers with this crew. And I could care less about how and when they watch me. I don't steal time. They will wait 10,000 years to find me guilty of that. So, they try other things. They say I take to long checking my equipment. They say I take too long removing my personal items from my tractor. They do whatever they think they need to do to try and get me under their too tight numbers.

    So, if your satellites are watching me, I say good! Look at me smile towards the skies while my rig is between the lines of the highways. Watch me do the best I very can.
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    They use the coordinates and info from the GPS and telematics and imprint it on a google map of your area. Moving forward is a blue line and backwards a red line. Pkg scan and stop complete defined by a star or asterisk. The google map of your area is made when Google did their mapping so it may be a image of winter, summer or whenever but your performance for that day can be imprinted on it. It`s pretty impressive. Night or day or clouds doesn`t matter. The image is not real time. I`ve seen my previous day`s work the following day.
  15. Dracula

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    Rushfan, have you ever heard of Google? If you think it is a stretch of the imagination to picture a real-time satellite looking down on us, and if you wonder about UPS pissing away 'astronomical' sums of money on their employees, well then maybe you've heard of EDD/PAL, control dispatch and telematics. Billions, son, to squeeze blood out of a turnip. So yeah, you're right...we're all just paranoid....
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    Art "the fruit loop" Bell is still on the radio?
    Please give me some station numbers where I might pick up the signal on the skip after the sun goes down.

    Live photo satellite feed by UPS?
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    I cannot wait for my next review...maybe the Big Brown UPS shield satellite in the sky will take a picture of me between the boxes dropping a duce....LOL
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    I actually liked Coast to Coast back in the day...

    It was a fun listen during 12-hour road trips.
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    From what I gather they will have real time INFO on your location. Instead of them having to wait till the following day to download your telematics, they will have that information in real time. They are able to lay that info over a google maps image. It is live info, using satellites. Not live pictures.

    My cellphone has an app that allows me to track my daughter and tell me where she is at all times, or at least where her cell phone is located at any given time.