My pension and healthcare are both Teamster run. Local 344

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    I retired last year and I'm not sure if any of this will effect me.:sick:
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    Lets hope are UNION Brothers and SISTERS do the right thing for us and their Future:dissapointed:
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    Unfortunately too many of them are selfish and won't. I would suggest that the retiree's come together and attend the local contract meetings and try to explain the consequences of approving this agreement.
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    Actually we are doing that already. The healthcare issue will change for most, however,please call your hall and make an appointment to discuss changes. ,it is about all of us even the unborn.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Union meetings, including contract meetings, are for union members only. It would be inappropriate for retirees to attend any union meeting. Using your logic, we should also invite spouses and children.
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    We allow retiree's to attend all of our local's union meetings out of respect. (I'm not sure, but I believe some of them still pay their dues out of respect for the union.)
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    Thank God my wife cant go!!!More beer for me!!!and less nagging!
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    No, neither the pension nor healthcare pertains to you. The healthcare is staying the same and the pension hasn't even been figured out yet. The actuary didn't get the dollar values until a week ago this past Tuesday.
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    That's pretty harsh, even for you, Upstate. Our retirees do all of the planning and meal service at our local. There's a solid core of 15 or so of them that really help make the union meetings run smoothly. They aren't allowed to vote on motions but they're certainly present and encouraged to speak their piece.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I respectfully disagree---their time has passed---it is time for those to follow to pick up the ball and run with it.
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    If their time has passed, maybe they shouldn't be allow to post on the BC as well.
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    That is up to the members as a whole to decide. My feelings on this subject are well-known and do not need to be repeated.
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    So you think that hoax should not post on bc since he is retired as well??
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    All retiree's are always welcome at every meeting in local 407.
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    Google "relevance".
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    Everyone on this forum is entitled to their opinions. I realize that I am in the vast minority on this topic but I am still entitled to my opinion.

    Our local will be having a contract meeting either next weekend or the following. IMO it would be inappropriate for anyone other than a current member of that local to attend this meeting. Stink mentioned he may make the ride up to Boston for the Local 25 meeting. IMO Local 25 is quite capable of forming their own opinions and it would not be his place to simply show up and express his opinions on the proposed contract----he can do that at his local's contract meeting. If it were me in the audience I would be like "who the hell is this guy".
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    I Googled 'relevance". Didn't see your name or Hoax. You're entitled to an opinion, but that doesn't mean it will make a lick of sense. You're a cold, lonely voice in the dark, son. Why on earth would the retirees not be allowed to attend any Teamster meeting? That is ignorant on so many levels, it doesn't make sense to address the many ways. I suppose, according to your holier than thou thinking, that the Teamsters from the other companies should file out of the hall when a UPS topic is addressed. If we had very many Teamsters like you, we would be gone in ten years.
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    In my local retirees are considered members (inactive) and are always welcome at meetings