Myths? Stossel BS? Hmmmmm!


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I know that myth #8 is a fantasy fairytale!
In pure growth, the federal gov't grew less under Clinton that it has under the Republicans and GW. Ironically, we had some real positives in America with a republican Congress and democrat control White House. Besides, with Clinton, where else could you get those great monologues from the late night TV shows. Man those were a scream!

IMO, myth #8 just proves my contention that there is no difference between democrat and republican. America has a new party called Republicrats or Demoblicans. Pick your poison America!


Lastly, do not drink and drive tonight. Please let someone else do the driving if you intend to consume adult beverages. It's the responsible thing to do! We may disagree but I want you back here tomorrow so I can pick fun at ya and I want you with your families to as they need you.
God Bless All.