N.H. GOP Debate

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jan 7, 2012.

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    Ready for comments later:happy2:
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    So far, the first half hour, I don't like the tone of the debate....too much of the mods trying to pit the candidates against each other...like a fight. Don't care for Diane Sawyer......never have.
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    I didn't care for the "rewind" feature. I kept thinking the debate was back on and then it sounded like a re-run. Fooled me. Too much like a football replay!
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    Santorum had more air time than ever before. I'm not sure who won. I thought Ron Paul was mean.....at least to Santorum. Mitt was composed as usual. Newt thought the mods were asking the wrong questions.......it's the professor in him. Huntsman showed off speaking his Chinese....I don't like him.... If all we ever had to deal with was China, he'd probably be great. Perry wasn't on camera much.
    Probably a toss up between Santorum & Romney.
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    I'll wait to hear from tos, about who won.
  6. The Other Side

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    I think there were no surprises and nothing new to report. All talking points.

    Romney showed he still has no personality and can get rattled real easy. He cant stand still when challenged and that shows he cant control his composure. His positions on china are ridiculous at best, and calling for a trade war (even though china is killing us) would be the final nail in our economy. While I believe that the republicans are DIRECTLY responsible for sending all of our manufacturing jobs to china in the first place, I do not believe it will be the republicans who will bring them back.

    Huntsman tried to sound presidential, but he lacks appeal. He sounds like charlie browns teacher talking when he speaks.

    Paul is Ron PAUL. He sounds the same every time.

    Perry was invisible. He should be gone by the end of the month.

    Santorum is trying too hard to be the next Reagan, and by that, I mean, LIAR. a religous kook with outrageous positions on personal privacy and peoples rights behind closed doors.. He is in NO WAY capable of running the country. His NOT READY for primetime performance is a phoney as some of the thoughts repeated on this board.

    The real clear winner of tonights debate was once again: Drum roll please........


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    "He sounds like charlie browns teacher .."

    I used that line the other day and caught crap from upstate. Sometimes it just fits !!
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    MSNBC has another debate on right now..........
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    Funniest moment of the night: the Newt citing THE NEW YORK TIMES in accusing Willard of slashing tens of thousands of jobs for profit in his days at Bain capital!! I love the hypocrisy!! Overall though it didnt turn into the blood bath some predicted. Romney remained above it all and the newt, crazy rick and ron paul went after each other mostly. Im just wondering in a state that has legalized gay marriage and its logo is : live free or die- why these clowns insist on denying gay people the equal right to get married or adopt children. This debate just solidified that New Hampshire will stay "blue" in November!!
  10. moreluck

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    The right isn't denied.......just call it something else. Call it fusion-Union or whatever.
  11. 804brown

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    Conservatives want to deny their RIGHT to get MARRIED. These people want to get MARRIED and have it RECOGNIZED by the state . A state whose logo is : "Live free or die!"is being told by a bunch of conservatives you should not be FREE to marry your long term love of your life?? The party of "states' rights" is pushing "big government" mandates (DOMA) on people to deny them the right, the freedom, the liberty to be married!! As usual the cons are fighting a losing battle, a battle of the past. It is not 1952 it is 2012!! Americans have progressed and evolved since then. Maybe the repub party should too!!
  12. The Other Side

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    The right wing of this country continues to deny GAY persons and they dont seem to understand that they are a large percentage of voting americans. As they continue to work against them and their rights as free citizens, they will lose election after election.

    A couple of more election cycles where they lose because they cant pull in blacks, hispanics, gays and other minorities, the republican party will have to adapt and change.

    They cant survive as a political party if they keep EXCLUDING americans from it. Whites are becoming the new minority class in this country, and in a few years, minorities will dominate the political climate.

  13. Monkey Butt

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    These are valid points of how the Republican party has to change to be viable but their biggest problem is the same one the Democrats have - they are both big, central National government spend happy fools.
  14. wkmac

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    You both are wrong! The state shouldn't be involved to deny or recognize what is a fundamental relationship between 2 people based on mutual consent. Until the last century or so, the state wasn't involved in marriage and it was only as a mechanism to stem the tide of interracial relationships and marriage did the idea of state oversight even come into play. For different reasons, you both are perpetuating an overtly racist institution and thus on principled grounds you both are judged as racists!
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    There is one big hole in you post here. Interracial marriages in all 57 states (as far as I know) are legal. That kinda takes a little away from marriage being racist institution.