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    Found a great website about brown stories. Google National Association of Brown Employees and Retirees. Just another great site for employees to tell stories.
  2. airbusfxr

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    There is also a link to this but I dont think I can post it here. This website has alot of info from UPS lawsuits and business decisions that might cost us many jobs in the future. I hope the BOD thinks Scott Davis is worth his paycheck, bonuses, and stock.
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    Why would you say you found a site likethat and then say you can't post the link ?? If you really found a site then post the link.
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    It may be a violation of the terms of service of this site. He should probably run the link by Cheryl to see if it is OK to post it here.
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    It is against the terms of use, and it something you wouldnt understand because it has alot of legal and financial issues.
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    The guy that runs that site has posted on here several times. His name slips me right now, but he actually ends his posts with his full name address email and phone number. He worked for locals 705 and 710 for over 35 years.

    He does read this site still because he mentions it at the retiree meetings.
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    Are you really doubting that Airbusfxr found the N.A.B.E.R. site?

    He did say to Google it to get the link.

    In any event, I've linked to the site myself in posts on BrownCafe. The site hasn't been updated in quite a while, but it is still well worth reading.
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    interesting site
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    Try as well. NABER has been a link there for a few years now. They have some good info on what is going on with our union and UPS. Check out