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Can you give me some answers? Having recently been downsized in the transpertation industry, I am looking for work. Used to work for a decent sized regional package company and I have 15 years of experience in all sorts of job functions. Lastly in an operational supervisor position. Does UPS hire management types off the street or do you have to start as an unloader. A neighbor kid of mine works at UPS as a sorter and says he thinks they only hire people to go unload/load work. Reading some topics here, it sounds like this"MAP" thing allows them to hire off the street. A while back a driver at my girlfriend's work said they only promote people working there to supervisors. Can you all give me some insight. Sounds like a decent place to work but know little about the inner workings. Just part of the "networking process" all these job web sites are telling me will help get a clue to to the people inside. This is as close as I can get not really knowing anyone but the neighbor who is doing it for college money. Thanks.


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UPS will hire of the streeet if the need can not be met by an internal candidate i.e not enough interest or not enough internal candidates could get throught the MAPP process.

You have a better chance, especially with your experience at getting hired on with one of our subsidaries. Go to and under the job opportunites section check out full time opportunities as well as anything listed UPS SCS.