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    I am a new hire. Anyway My sup has been tricking while I have been loading by putting misloads mixed in and I haven't had any real time to study the zip codes because there is so much work to be done but I look at every package. Anyway at the end of the night I had to initial some places under something that said salt d-something. What does this mean. Am I in the boundaries to where they will fire me for misloads? I am still trying to learn them
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    Nah, they won't fire you over misloads. They will however, fire you over poor attendance so keep that in mind. Just come to work and don't be late. Some people will tell you not to sign those write-ups but I don't agree with that. Your just going to make your UPS life more difficult by showing them that your a "trouble maker". Seriously, don't lose any sleep over this. Just sign their papers and let them be on their happy way.
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    Salt's just a term for something put in your stack or on the belt on purpose to see if you're on your toes.

    When preloading they often snuck in some air or a mis-marked hazardous to see if we'd load it or catch it. I agree with diadlover that it's nothing to worry about. dw
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    SALT = Service Awareness Label Training

    If you have a misload problem, you may not end up being a loader. SALTing is one way of assessing your abilities to handle that part of the job. If you're new, you need to show improvement in this area or you will likely be headed to the unload barring any other issues.

    Good luck!
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    Someone has been salting my package car each day with misloads--no wait, thats just the PAS system hard at work.
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    Somebody has been doing that to me on a daily basis too for the past year, his name is EDD.:bored:
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    I had 9 misloads on Monday, none close to the area, I messaged them all in and didn't receive any info back (WOW, SHOCKER!). I'll never understand why they keep making us do stuff that isn't part of a timestudy and then complain about people being over. Since when do we have time to message in info for every misload, message in after every calltag is completed, message in if youre gonna be over 9.5, message in if you have late air, message in if you sheet a closed business between 12pm-1pm and after 5pm, message in if you breath oxygen. I dont message in for anything but misloads, I'd be out until 2AM if I did all that other crap.