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    [h=2]so there are more ppl in here so i posted it here too!!:smart:[/h]
    hi. im from texas. i have had an issue in the past and was wondering if anyone has shared or know of someone that has shared a similar experience and what action(s) were taken. here's some background...

    i became a full time driver in 2008. i blew a disc in my back and was out on comp. i made a dumb mistake and got my 3rd dwi while i was on comp. the company took me off of comp by sending me for a full capacity exam and mmi after i reported my dwi. i then had to go through a substance abuse course and 6 months of aa to maintain my job. they would not let me go back to work in any capacity without a full doctors release. i finally got released from my doctor december of last year and went back to work double shifting preload and local to get my 8 at my insider pay rate. i have to do a ua randomly whenever they show up which has been roughly once a month to this point (and have passed them all). now, 4 months to the day when i am scheduled to get my license back and go back to driving, i get a 48 hour notice to provide "appropriate documentation such as a current driver's license which allows you to return to your driving classification as a package driver..." ..."the company will consider your failure to do so as an unauthorized leave of absence and your name being removed from the seniority list" when i started back to work at the end of dec 2010 it was conference called and set up by ups, the union, and the SAP. i was returned to work under the contingency that when i get my license back dec 11 2011 i would return to why did they wait all this time to start messing with me and what should (can) i do about it? i do not understand because they have paid me 16+ per hour for 40 hours per week since the end of last year, reinstated my benefits, and have dumped who knows how much on the lab work for my uas and the sap company in charge of any ideas? i dont have a whole lot of time :/ thanks for any input​
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    I don't know what to tell you, except- 3 dwi's?

    The first one was dumb.
    The second one was stupid.
    The third one- unacceptable.

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    What Steve said, and he was nice about it.
    Bye, Bye now,

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    I was more impressed that the OP blew a disc. To me that demonstrates amazing flexibility.
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    wow. preciate it. first off you have no idea what the conditions were that my personal life entailed when i made these mistakes. secondly, i was in my early 20s when i got the first two and once again you have no knowledge of why or how that came about so to pass judgement is pretty lame and inconsiderate. i was sober for 5 years before i got my 3rd, and had very troublesome personal issues that led me to making bad decisions. so, yes i made mistakes. yes it was "dumb" and "stupid" however, i did this on my own time and had circumstances that led me to make poor choices. i needed a counselor more than a bottle...HOWEVER, the smart ass remarks about my DWIs were not the issue, i have a real problem and was seeking thoughtful advice. so if you would please, have a little decency and stop wasting my time and yours by condemning my personal mistakes as i have atoned for them in numerous ways both financially and emotionally in ways you couldnt fathom. the issue is with ups trying to :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:can me 4 months before i get reinstated to drive again after having me jump through hoops and piss in a cup for the last year and a half. so shove off.
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    I read your post twice and the only thing I can really figure out is that they want proof of your drivers licence within 48 hours. Is that it? Shouldn't be a problem if that's all they want. You got your butt into a heap of trouble and now you'll have to jump through the hoops to prove you're cleaned up and ready to drive.
    Sorry if I don't understand your issue. Best I can offer.
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    yes. A heap of trouble indeed. Problem with providin documentation for license is that I don't get it back until december of this year. I've been working as an insider since dec 2010 under article 16 sect 3 which states I have up to a year to do so. The issue is that it is only august so my year should not be up...and ups brought me back knowing full well the date I would get my license back so for some reason all of the sudden NOW they expect documents that they know I can't provide. Oh well, I've filed so now all I can do is wait for the union.
  8. barnyard

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    You need to contact your BA and see if there is anything you can do. You also need to accept the responsiblity of your stupid decisions and if that means you lose your job and need to find another, then that is the way it is.
  9. menotyou

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    Wait for the union to do what? Everyone has the right to file a grievance. Doesn't mean the grievance is any good, or will be won by your BA. You were very stupid and now you expect the union to make it magically disappear. Good luck in your next career.
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    I think some of the hostility comes from several things. One is the fact that in the course of our day we have at times had to dodge DWI drivers at one time or another so your probably not going to find a lot of sympathy there. Another is the fact that we are supposed to be the better drivers out there, yea I know it`s corny, but some take offense at those who cast a bad light on the rest. The next is the "we get paid a heck of a salary to be a trained monkey, can`t you keep your nose clean?" thought that I surprised hasn`t been posted yet.

    Not passing judgment. I know what it`s like to have problems. That`s just where some jump to on posts like yours.
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    i regret even posting. you people are idiots.i got the dwi in 2009 and have been working the past 9 months waiting to get my license back. i HAVE and DO take FULL responsibility for MY actions you morons. the point is that our wonderful company saw fit to bring me back to work after i completed a $12,000 outpatient program that THEY sent me to, 6 months of AA, and pee in a cup and take a breathelizer once a month at work in front of my peers and co-workers. i went back to work on half pay and work split shifts after completing these things and being told by my center and district manager that i would return to my position when my license was reinstated. so they straight up lied to me and have wasted my time and theirs. i have to bum a ride to and from work 4 times a day and have complied with every rule they have given me BECAUSE i was taking "responsibility" so, regardless of how "stupid" i was in my personal life, it is just as moronic for the company to be able to subject someone to false hope and then try and rail them when they are almost to the finish line that was set by them in the first place. they have spent close to 100,000 between the SAP and my salary and benefits keeping me on so i COULD go back to driving, that was the whole point of me doing all of the things i have done to keep my job. so whatever you rude insensitive people, i hope none of you saints ever make a mistake and get screwed over because karma is a mother. and btw no i dont "expect the union to make it magically disappear" i expect the guidlines that are in the CONTRACT that i agreed to upon returning to work to be adhered to, and expect the union to enforce it.i expect to be treated fairly and not be jerked around when ive seen drivers keep their jobs after drinking in a freakin package car or show up to work blitzed. so save your time and mine and go post your uppity, cracker:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, judgemental, lack-of-knowledge comments somewhere else. thanks cachsux for not being as bad as the others, however, the customers i deliver to have no idea that i got in trouble so i dont see how i can conceivably "cast a bad light on the rest" when all they know is that i get their packages there on time with a smile rain, sleet, heat, or snow. once again i reiterate to you people that me getting the dwi wasnt the point of the post - i was looking for thoughts about the way it was being handled by ups. obviously this was too much to ask from the no-brainers that frequent this site.
  12. barnyard

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    In my region, you would have already received your walking papers.

    Here, if you get a DWI, you have 12 months to the day, to get your license back and report available to work. If you do not, you are fired for job abandonment.

    It is possible that the new manager looked at your record and said, "BS, no more games, he either is available to work or not. There are plenty of sober people that will stay sober to keep the job. Let's cut our losses now, the heck with any 'deal' made with any other manager."

    That's what I would have done.
  13. barnyard

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    You should be grateful that UPS paid for your treatment. Remember, if 3 people tell you the same thing, maybe they are not the idiots (I learned that at AA.)
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    in the purple side, you'll be banned from getting re-hired as a driver... forever!
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    You did come here seeking an opinion. Then you bristled at all the negative replies you received. Ask yourself: "What is the one common denominator throughout all of this negativity?" That would be your irresponsible behavior. Also, you can't wish bad karma on someone else; karma (neutral) is a direct function of cause and effect, as you have discovered for yourself.
    Let me end by saying that I hope your life situation improves. Really, I do.