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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by dbekelee, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. dbekelee

    dbekelee New Member

    i started working for ups about a week ago and i checked and it gives me my paycheck info. duz anyone kno wen i will receive the money in my bank account?...i have direct deposit by the way.
  2. upsgrunt

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    Mine goes in Friday at midnight; I would guess yours will do the same.
    That's Friday morning at 12:01 a.m., by the way.
  3. The Blackadder

    The Blackadder Are you not amused?

    Mine is in Friday morning, never checked it at midnight. However if this is from last week and it did not go in talk to a sup. It could be going to the wrong account. Or just not getting in due to a missed number or something. If the bank is kicking it back due to a missed number UPS would catch up with it but it could take a few weeks.
  4. uber

    uber Guest

    Friday 12:01 a.m. for me.
  5. p228

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    As a new employee you will probably receive a paper check for the first week or two. It takes time for the direct deposit to go into affect.
  6. Nimnim

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    Everyone I know with direct deposit usually has the money in their account Thursday night, early am Friday. Since you're new you'll get a live check for a couple weeks so go grab yours and make sure it doesn't have void all over it until you see the money going into your account. If you checked the option to go paperless, make sure they give you a check until you see the money going into your account.
  7. Anonymous 10

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    Welcome to brown cafe dbekelee. Here are checks go in at 12:00am Friday.
  8. UPSaxel

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    I did not receive a pay check for my first week, it was included with the second week's check. If you are direct deposit you should still receive a paper stub, unless you go paperless. And my direct deposit shows up around 2 AM Friday.
  9. Kae3106

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    Direct deposits must go through a prenote process where the bank account information is verified. Your first paycheck can not be direct deposited and will be paid via live check. The prenote process generally takes one week but can take up to two full weeks.

    Payment info is available on upsers on Thursdays. Most areas have Friday payment dates, a few have Thursday check dates. If nothing went into your account, as your sup if a check was sent for you.