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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by $killed Labor, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I do not work in a hub, i work in a small center, approx around 100 drivers. Anyways for the last year i have been a ECS clerk. It pays $1 more a hour, and its what i thought was a bid job.
    I don't mind doing address corrections or dealing with customers. Alot better then stacking heh.
    Anyways we changed local sort sups and ever since then i have been the fall back guy to get pulled from my job and go unload package cars. I don't mind helping when we are short handed but it became a common occurrence. At one time their was only 2 of us that done the A/C and i would get pulled all night and almost work a 8 hour night. Cause I would have to continue my job after the local sort was done.
    Like tonight, supposedly over staffed, some unloaders went home and i get pulled to go unload? It seems seniority doesn't matter I would have went home!
    I know one thing when i go unload, i am still classified as a clerk doing clerk work. I know they got their precious numbers they got to toss around.
    I have been told that their is no bid jobs anymore, and we don't get payed anymore then anyone else. Well someone that does my paycheck and approves me paycode thinks i do.
    I guess what I am wondering, is this right? Is small sort,Clerks,fuelers aren't bid jobs? Can you be pulled from your preferred job to do others classifications work when i am still coded as a clerk?

    I guess i am more ill about all of this cause I did have a hurt shoulder, and was told to unload. I told them about it and they made me unload anyways. I ended up hurting it more, telling a sup and nothing got done about it, he thought i has lying cause he asked my co-worker if i was really hurting. :angry:
    Also i wouldnt be so Ill if the 3 international clerks got pulled to unload. They got more downtime than anyone. As a ECS clerk, we have no downtime, we stay busy until the last package is done and are the last to leave.
    I guess showing up on work on time and being a good worker, working as instructed gets you screwed in the long run ehh? Thats the only way i see it.
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    Your grammar is terrible; your post is difficult to understand. Are you actually asking someting, or just b**chin?
  3. $killed Labor

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    I am sorry doing a few things at the same time. I guess its both. Maybe i should just asked questions,instead bitching in questions. My thoughts get jumbled up from my brain to my fingers:wink2:, I apolgize.
    Since I cant edit my post and make it easier:

    Are Clerks,fuelers,small sorters a bid job.
    Can you be pulled from your job to do other classes of work.
    Anything in the contract about this?

    Seems like allot of gray areas, and my SS doesnt know.
  4. Fredless

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    Yes, those are BID jobs. I had to grieve that the small sort was a bid job to get the company to acknowledge it because what they were doing is pulling people out if the company got :censored2: at them or they weren't "working fast enough."

    I don't give a damn about their PPH or blah blah..

    Find your steward. If you're in the southern region, PM me. I will send you copies of greivances I have filed to get the company to acknowledge bid jobs to add a little more ammo to your arguement.

    Absolutely unless your supplement overrides this. Again, if you're in the southern region supplement PM me.
    Yes, they can do whatever the hell they want as long as its not unsafe or immoral. Grieve it at least on the basis of seniority. If you are the lowest ECS clerk or whatever, find a driver to grieve them. In fact, try that first. You are being pulled from your job to do extra work that needs to be offered in seniority order. A nice 8 hour grieveance from a driver at top pay, at DOUBLE time will be a nice slap in the face for them to leave you the hell alone. Don't let them intimidate you either. Come to work on time, do your job the way they have instructed you and you don't have anything to worry about.

    See above. SS? shop steward?
  5. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Well, I might not have great answers either. I'm sure there's plenty of people here who could maybe help you further.

    First off, WAD applies everywhere. You have to work as directed. If you say you won't do work, then your manager will show you the door.

    As far as I know, Clerks/Fuelers/Small sort are all "bid" jobs and after I believe 6 months you can talk to your manager about being moved. Of course bid jobs are based on seniority; if you've got at least a few years, you should be able to make a case to move somewhere different ( of course it'll be based on your managers/sups needs )

    Read the contract and the supplement that applies to your area, if your SS doesn't know, then talk to a BA.
  6. $killed Labor

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    Thanks for the info guys.
    I guess i get screwed cause I work as instructed, and do any task well. Fredless Will PM you for more info.
  7. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Curse of the competent. Or is it? Be like me, I am running neck and neck with an 18 year old kid (I am about to turn 23) as far as production in the small sort. Except, I am far more accurate than he is.

    I am a thorn in their side because I come to work on time, work as instructed and if I disagree with the work as instructed, I grieve not scream or curse at them, and I get witnesses.

    There's nothing more dangerous than a good employee who asks questions and grieves at this company.
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    no ups can't do that. your job classification is a address correction clerk and if your are being pull to load or unload it shouldn't be charged as clerk hours & it only makes ups' numbers look good & they shouldn't be sending people home if ups doesn't have the proper staffing to runs its operations & ups can be liable if you stated that you're hurt & have unload anyway & you have a lot of issues you can grieve on. the final golden rule work as directed & unless it's a safety issue. depending on what your rider & local states in the contract. remember clerks do clerk work. peace out
  9. steamroll

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    i understand how you feel. just remember if something happens w/your hurt shoulder the company is liable & you haven't been trained properly to unload or load & work safe. work as directed now & grieve later, because your rights were already violated. just don't do ups any extra favors. there's just no love for the clerks. :funny:
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    Yeah i done my share of stacking,scanning thats the reason i signed the preferred job list to be a ECS clerk. The hole reason was to get out of that environment.
    This has been going on since May 07. It got so bad i would bring a change of clothes cause I would be drenched in sweat.Cause i still had about 2-4 hours of clerk work to do after I got done doing someone elses job.
    The nice thing is, there is 3 international clerks and they never got pulled until the past week or so during this hole time.
    Seniority isn't being recognized one bit.

    Funny thing is, the other night they told me to unload cause its my turn in the rotation. I said rotation? Hell they got alot of rotating to do to catch up on my unloading time to equal out.

    They didn't like that, but I unloaded, i worked as instruction. But I had to state my opinion before so.

    No one will grieve cause they are scared of the outcome. I can't go into details cause who knows who lurks these forums. But I am sick and tired of being the bitch. So I am going to stand up for my rights no matter what happens.
  11. steamroll

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    i haven't seen anything in any of supplements that states that a employee loaded to another area or job classification due to rotation, in my southwest rider it's states that seniority is recognized in everyday operations & when you signed up for the preferred job as an ecs clerk & were called you had paid your dues in that previous environment & if you can't state the situuation i clearly understand & nothing wrong with challenging them before you work as directed. if you stand up for rights you'll be ranover. i know the stress of having to complain but you have that right.
  12. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Not in my hub. In times past on the night shift, maybe. Not anymore.

    Stand your ground. Don't allow them to run over you. If you hear in your hub somebody ought to do something, that somebody should be you.
  13. $killed Labor

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    Well I just think is frigging BS to send people of the sort and unloaders home and pull us clerks to do their jobs.
    I have my own job to do, and they don't give us any help if we get screwed.
  14. brownrodster

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    Call the morality hotline and tell them they are sending unloaders home and having clerks do the work while still coded as doing clerk work. This is dishonest of them.
  15. $killed Labor

    $killed Labor New Member

    Yeah i figured it was a integrity issue for sure. What hot line is that? Is it anonymous type of deal?
  16. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    In the building I originally started in, when PAS was implemented, the ECS clerks jobs you could not bid on. They were different pay rates and coded different was the reasoning. I was in sort, unload, and preload at the time and noticed the clerks were really hardly doing any work at all. :greedy:

    Are you being moved at the beginning of shift to do other work , as unloaders or preloaders /whatever it is/ haven't come in and you're covering? , or is it at the end of the day they're sending people home early?

    The former is fine (helping out at start of shift) , if you're reaping the same benefits of the rest of the preload-sort-unload- etc..... but the latter is grievable and then some; more likely though by people who want to stay late with more seniority than you that are not being told that they could stay late! UPS likes to save money this way by getting higher wages out the door by 3.5hr

    How long have you been working at UPS? It doesn't sound like you have much seniority. Not important for standing up what you believe is right and ethical, but to bid around and work somewhere nice, is.
  17. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    What? Are you serious?

    It's dishonest for ANY violation of the contract but that 1800 cry baby line isn't for that.

    Slap them with a 37 for harassment issues, which that cry baby line is for.
  18. $killed Labor

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    Well in total i have been there over 6 years. I am in the top 10 highest seniority. Out of the 3 ecs clerks and 4 international clerks, i am #3 in seniority.

    As for being moved, i have came in and started unloading and do that until the sort is down and then i got to go do my work. I have also had to be pulled at the end of the shift cause people are sent home.

    I have a different pay code then a unloader. I am classified as a ECS clerk and get payed $1.00 more for skilled work.

    At our center the ecs clerks don't get to stand around, to many ns#, to look up and verify.As for the international clerks thats a different storey. Sometimes i think their thumb is permanently stuck up their asses. :lol:
  19. steamroll

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    you're exactly right. it starts with you/yourself first. the struggle continues
  20. tieguy

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    there is another reason other then dishonesty for him to be coded into that position. If the guy is a skilled employee then you have to code him in a skilled job so that he gets his skilled pay.