Need some advice

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  1. ORLY!?!

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    Need some advice

    In November, a full timer has been shown the way to help me. The problem is I don’t really need the help. To be honest, I’ve been coming in early to pick off a few cages so I can relax a bit threw a shift. It works, but the sups keep seeing light cages instead of overall volume. This isn’t the problem, yet they see it fitting to pull me off to people who can’t keep up their end.

    The real problem is that this full timer is making me clock out earlier and earlier. Since peak has started, I lacked the need for him. But yesterday and today, I really didn’t need him. I hustled and got things done. Yesterday I clocked out at 8:32, with this guys help too. Today clocked out at 8:23, even with more volume. It’s upsetting me that he’s obligated to help since he’s full time.

    I got upset at the sup because it isn’t right. What I mean is they were taking money from me. The last car to load is a home delivery and it’s the smallest of the cars for UPS. It’s got two helpers, so it gets an amazing amount of packages, anywhere from 350 to 400 on any given day of the week. Me clocking out at 8:23 I had a good 20 – 30 plus to finish packing things in nice and tight. But no, full timer finished it up as I finished the last business route.

    Seriously, I bust my back all night touch each and every package. I have to leave out packages for each car and pick off any coming down from last rev. This takes up time. Just when I’m about to start filling in, this guy shows up with the sup and is told to start helping.

    What can I do? Should I not start early, take my time with cages. Isn’t this the time a year we can get some more time? Yet, I’ve heard they are wanting no overtime this year. Heck, with the help and all I got a whopping 8 minutes of overtime last week. So, need some advice please. Thanks!
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    Not sure what kind of advice you are looking for? As long as the company follows the contract you don't have any recourse. A full-time employee can finish your work. Full-time takes precedent over part-time. The only thing you can look at is to make sure no less senior part-time employee is getting more hours than you are. If a less senior part-time employee is getting more hours go to your supervisor and insist he/she makes you whole if they refuse get with your manager and if they don't provide relief, file a grievance.

    Don't forget - if a less senior employee starts 3 hours after you and your supervisor wants them to finish your work - again the only recourse is if that person is getting more hours not that they clocked out after you.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    The point is he didnt need to. I was going to finish way before time. Well, I guess thats what your telling me.

    It amazes me that UPS can do this during this time of Christmas.

    I'm looking to make a little more, ya know, to have a holiday for myself. I'm trying to give people gifts and UPS is making me think over and over again if I can or not.

    I would think I could finish the work they give me.

    I dont care for seniority, because it opens up a wealth of problems.

    Well, I guess im gonna stop trying.
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    The definition of peak is anything goes. The contract doesn't exist. The only way you'll get more time is if you volunteer to unload. And, ah, slow down. But then they will probably send you home early anyway and have a soup and feeder guy finish your pup or 53 footer, whatever.
  5. ORLY!?!

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    perhaps I'll call in tomarrow then XD.

    This has been happening to me for well over two months.

    The cars demand a lot.

    These people are animals. They never help or correct, they just worry worry about themselves. Can I worry about myself sometimes?

    I gonna go on a huge slow down tomarrow.
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    what kind of soup
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    I can recall every year I ran a center at least one employee would "test" me right after Thanksgiving. Here is an example: One driver normally worked 9.2 hours as an average. All of a sudden right after Thanksgiving he would start working 9.8 hours. I would have to ask what is going on and he would say "it's peak!". My conversation with him let him know that I expected the same results as last week. I would not accept a lesser performance just so he could get overtime. If it warrants it that is one thing. This was my work ethic not my division manager or someone else talking. Eventually, the company went the same direction after it went public.

    As a company, we barely broke even at Xmas time. The first Xmas after we went public, we paid dearly in the eyes of the stock market and shareholders because we had a very poor preforming quarter. But it wasn't just a driver attitude. It was a general attitude throughout the operation brought on by management that we would throw people and whatever equipment we could just to get through. We were not managing our business back then.

    I will not apologize for your supervisor managing the business. In fact, I commend your supervisor for protecting the company (of which you are a part of) and creating a condition that will allow you to continue to work for years to come without the fear that your company will be gobbled up by another competitor. Merry Xmas!
  8. ORLY!?!

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    Oh yea, protecting UPS sounds all too familiar.

    Protecting, eh, well thats a long shot from what I see. They let people with less senoirty and poor performance do less. The hard workers, like I, get stuck doing everything imaginable. Thus lossing them, which is totally looking out for the buisness. Then getting our working taken from us. It totally makes me want to stay around for sure.

    I was in a house for about 6 months. Here our efficiency was around 130%. This second to another house that was an unload. To equal that of an unload is as simple as picking it up and putting it down. 130% for preload is unheard of, ever. They, you say, say you want quality employees. Yet, you pull me from where it was happening to make up for some other guy with less senority cant handle it. Sure, totally looking out for the business.

    Ethics seem not to imply at UPS. I bust my back side just for someone can take it away from me. Well, thats just too bad. From now on I'm going on sabbatical at work. UPS is owned by its employees, not its sups. Looking out for the business is, in reality, protecting my UPS from me... wow, makes sense.

    Look at sups, they dont do anything. UPS is crawling with them. They do nothing but cause more problems for the system anyways. Its like one day UPS woke up and said "hey, heres an idea, lets take all our poor, lacking, lazy, idiotic and problematic employees.. give them more money and give them leadership responsibilities over others.". If you sups really felt that way, you would quit. Your pay is taking up way too much. How about the CEO of UPS, 3 million last year, for sitting at a desk and sharping pencils all day long. Yet, I cant get a chance to get a slight bit more.

    Someone that doesnt have much. Someone who goes 110% all year round, and gets defecated on for it. Enough is enough. No more hustle, no more living up to the terms and conditions. Why not, UPS is full of people who are exactly this way anyways.
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    What a drama queen.

    If the slackers are getting more hours, quit bitching and follow their example.
  10. brownrod

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    I suggest you go back to school. UPS part time was never meant to be a career.
  11. All Day

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    By starting early, do you mean you are working off the clock?
  12. UnsurePost

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    IF you work off the clock, it's your own fault. Why work for free?

    IF you do NOT work off the clock, then you are starting early, no? And getting minutes others are NOT getting? Still complaining...?

    HAVE you talked to the full-timer taking over for you? Perhaps that full-timer does not have their guaranteed 8 hours at that time? OR, perhaps you are now at 5 hours and they are past 8, and then the FT'er gets the hours over you as FT always has seniority over PT?

    HAVE you done any investigating on other part-timers with less seniority still working, perhaps on overtime, and getting hours?

    Seems like a complain thread with no basis or facts. If you want to rant, fine, but at least mention that it is a whine thread rather than someone actually seeking help.
  13. ORLY!?!

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    Yea, I was working off the clock.

    The guy helping me just came back from like 9-10 months time off due to back surgery. If that helps any...

    You know, I really dont have anything. Sure, I should go back to school. but I did go to college for 2 years, and it was a huge bore. I and most of you went threw 12 years of your life just to get out of school. I came out of high school with a 3.8 GPA. I couldn't be more happy to get out. Sitting there listening to people with parents who could afford them to go threw such boring times.

    I'm more hands on with my intrest. I also love to write. Fiction and non fiction, I love it. Give me a topic and ill research and pin point them to the fullest. The reason I didnt research this is because the internet, and people at work, really didnt have a real solution to the ordeal. Thats why I came here and relpy here when needed, wow school is teh coool.

    I worked off the clock to get the cages clean, so I could coast threw the shift. Yet, sups would see skim cages and go, ya know what, you gotta help top brown or middle yellow because they are (slow, stupid and unwilling to make any effort.) slammed.

    I made my point by getting :censored2: with them and making a point. Of course, the sups listen when you do and I win. I won today and yesterday.

    I say " If they cant handle it, why the hell are they still here?". You sups want to keep pushing the issues about the buisness can kiss my ares. I'm the best preloader in the district. And yet, thier so called passions keep getting to me.

    I've done enough to see that pre load is disposable. Ask your fellow driver what they did for 6-7-8 plus years before they drove. I bet you bottom dollar they were small sort, sort, debag, hazmat and so on and so on of the easy jobs UPS as to offer. I've only met one person who preloaded for more then two years. He did it for 8. UPS isnt just about making it a career or just getting lucky in a job draw. Its how bad and how far you want it or to go. Plan and simple, lifes philosophy. You want a hand up or a hand out, its your choice.

    You damn sups do a great job at making your own workers not care whatsoever. I will always care about my job. I want to get paid for the job as I see fit. I see caring as having a soul. A soul is not something you are given, but something to choose to have.

    Full timers scare me, because they are lifeless. They have nothing in them but making it easy until the time comes untill they can scam the system more. ENJOY.

    Well "friends" I choose to have a soul. How about you.....?
  14. UPSGUY72

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    It doesn't help any just do your union brothers a favor and stop workng off the clock.
  15. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Are you kidding me, you work for free, off the clock then come here to complain about not getting the amount of hours you want.

    You deserve the screwing you get!!!
  16. spif91

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    Why would you come in early and pick off a few cages to have an easier time later on? Do you mean off the clock? First mistake in my opioin in less I am misunderstanding. Why work for free?
  17. barnyard

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    That right there, sums it up perfectly.
  18. bumped

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    To be young and naive again.
  19. ORLY!?!

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    I've learned my lesson about working off the clock.

    On Thursday I came in late and went a moderate pace. Of course that day was the largest amount of volume of the year so far. I got stay on till 9. The main line sup knew something was up with me and hooked me up with another 20 minutes for friday and the lost 20 minutes on Wensday. Of course, that meant I had to get there by 3am.

    I'm happy in what I do. Getting upset for me is just another part of the experience. Im loading three cars, two which go to a buisness that is most likely in the top 5 companies in the USA. The other goes to a house/shed with two helpers, it gets 350 to 440 a night. It is the smallest of UPS cars has to offer. Me and the kid next to me have the honor at loading the hardest cars in the building and the district.

    Trusting my sups as they trust in me to do this task. I live up the honor at doing so. Some of us take our jobs seriously. Bags of pills and x-rays and / or other that could save someones life. Its just that serious of a postion. As others misload 10 - 20 a night, me and the other kid have gone with zeros all threw the month and last month.

    Thanks to this full timer "helping out". He ends up missloading into my cars 90% of the time. HE doesnt get blamed for it, I do. Its one of the points about him helping, because he doesnt care. He rather talk on his cell phone within a car away from the eyes of sups.

    Another thing, is just that. A place of work should be a place were as if you dont live up to the expectations at hand. If you dont, you get fired. Just that simple. I wish UPS wuld live up to their ruthless outside, instead of being all soft and creamy on the inside.

    People who hustle, never mess up get punished. We are asked to do other things, including helping those who cant get up due to lack of hustle. Meanwhile, those who are poor at the job get set up the river to a better place of candy, wishes and farts. That alone, is enough to keep me upset with sups, to get the hell up off me and let me have the freedom I deserve. A freedom as those who dont care or stright up should be working else where.

    I will always care, always. Being TOO dumb and naive, eh. Well, im amused by it, really. This is a great country I say. Getting laughed at for being a fantastic employee. How would it feel, if you busted your butt all night. Got everything 90% of the way there and 20 minutes to finish it up on your own. Then, someone else shows up and takes that time away from you, you lose out. How would you feel?

    Overall, if I had a second chance at stating my case, thus hearing that he has seniority and is full time. I would have said "well, make him go sweep a floor or scrub a toliet".
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    Please see Post #18.