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  1. 2 weeks ago I put up a 8 request and I did not get it. So last week I put it up again, I still did not get it. I asked my Sup. and he said that because they are told to cut routes they can't honor it. By contract they have to honor it, with them cutting routes has nothing to do with them cutting routes. I just want to know what the penalty is so I can file. thanks.....
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    How about being a man and filing it you can't grow balls from a message board s*it or get off the pot.
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    Sadly if you dont grieve you wont ever get the 8 hour day.

    I learned this the hard way too keep asking for them never got them, they always had a reason.

    I started greiving them when I did it was amazing I started getting them.

    The down side is now the day after I get my 8 I tend to have an 11 hour day.
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    Where did this come from? SC was simply asking for advice and you give him this? And you are supposedly a shop steward??

    SC, you are finding out the hard way that converting from a runner/gunner to a methods man cannot be done overnight. Your sup is obviously hoping that you go back to your old ways and get done early without him having to move work around. File the grievance--use Article 37 as your referrence--but know that doing so will put a bullseye on your back.
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    Go ahead and file, SC. If you allow them to walk on you on this one, they will continue to walk all over you.
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    Ask your Steward.
    Where I am we have different language in our Supplement that overrides the National language.
    I had this problem a couple of months ago.
    I simply communicated the need for them to take off work in the morning or send help during the day.
    After being told I was fine in the morning and ignored via OMS and cell phone conversations in the afternoon, I simply brought back what I didn't get done.
    They were furious and sent the rest out with an air driver, which I promptly grieved.
    I was then harrassed, which I also grieved.
    Upside being my last two 8 hr requests have been without incidence.
    Stick up for yourself or get pushed around.
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    He has asked the question or one just like more than once and he knows the answer. The advice I gave him is right on I could have told him to bring back stops and he would have had a real bullseye on his back but I don't know what supplement he is under so that wouldn't be good advice. As for telling him to man up sometimes guys need a little pep talk to motivate them. Thanks for the negitive rep Upstate it's really going to ruin my whole week I'm so distraught. Anyway I wonder how many RUDE comments you've blasted at people on the message board out of your 11,000 plus
  8. Thanks for the ones that responded, I just wanted to know what the penalties were. As for anonymous I am not the one that am scrared of these jerk offs, I have filed plenty of times, I have numerous hot line calls, so I have a good paper trail dating 3 plus years.
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    HERE, there is no penalty for the company not honoring 8 hour requests. You most definitely should file a grievance, tho. Just put that you want them to honor the contract. I wouldn't worry about a "target on your back". It's a small thing, they have bigger things to worry about.
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    +1 that's it in a nut shell
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    if you work over 8.5 on an 8 hour request and file on it you will be paid a 2 hour penalty. i have been paid this twice already,it buys lunch for the whole week.
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    The contract states that in any given day Mgmt has to allow no less than 10% of its people to have an 8 hr request and if they don't allow this then you definitly need to file. Unfortunetly, they will only recieve a slap on the wrist. Hold then to the contract it seems like its the only thing we have these days and sometimes thats not enough.
  13. thanks thats the info I was looking for, as me being on a target thats fine, iI do it the way they want me. I deliver my air, then go back to point a and start, grap my rails, walk, and take my 70 mins. of lunch.
  14. You can request twice in a month here in the Atlantic Supplement. If it's not honored you can request another one for next week. You can have more than 8 requests in a month if they don't honor none of them. 2 hours penalty pay for each 8 hours request, if you grieve it. "Plan day" doesn't matter, once you worked over 8.5 hours you can file on it. For me they didn't even honor it when it was the 7th time.:blink: But the check was nice.
    I believe there is also something in the contract that says within the loop only one driver can request for 8 hours.
  15. I know about that, thanks though. I am planning on doing the same as you keep putting it up and keep filing......:happy-very:
  16. Well as usual when I call my union hall there is never any available, this has happened everytime i have called. They just take my name and number then tell me that someone will get back to me, there have been numerous tims that it will be weeks befoe they get back. I will give them until lunch tomorrow and then i will call on the hr. every hr. until I get someone.....:angry:
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    Hope you find someone who cares.
  18. looks like your the only one, Thanks brother.....