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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by wkmac, Mar 16, 2006.

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    My 8 year old son heard about the picture of the UPS packagecar and the FedEx truck that are shown involved in a wreck. The UPS PC is sitting on all 4 wheels and the FedEx truck is laying on it's side with the caption under the pic, WE WIN! Anybody know where this pic is on the net as I searched and was unable to find it. Thanks.

    However, like the insurance commerical sez, I've got good news. I did find a really good costume idea for next Halloween that you might want to consider. I have to say I was't expecting it when I opened that pic so I had to clean spewed coffee off my monitor and desk. Warning: Do Not have anything in your mouth when you view this link.
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    Wk-have you checked the archives here. I swear I remember seeing it on here. Email Cheryl if you can't find it, she may be able to help.:)
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    I think that accident was in Bakersfield Ca at the corner of State Rd and Pierce Rd. Unsure of the date.
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    UPS79 sent in this file to share :)

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    this file is of the same pic from our archive, the resolution is a little better but the size of the picture is a little smaller.
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    Re: Need Your Help

    OK, Wkmac, that (pumpkin butt) was just scary!!
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    Re: Need Your Help

    Thanks for the help to all. My little boy will enjoy the UPS vs. FedEx pic.

    It might be scary O95 but I can see you laughing just like I did. Now here's the even scarier part. The pumpkin is a tatoo!

    Now I know you're rolling!
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    Keeping up with the joneses , In order to achieve the high octane necessary to run the package car the ups driver is loaded up with protien and carbohydrates in a huge deal from taco bell
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    Re: Need Your Help

    I'm sure glad I wasn't the tattoo artist or the "painter". If I was I'd definitely ask for hazard pay!!!
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    Oh, God!! I never thought of that! How much would you charge? How bad off are you to take a client like that?
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    I would say the artist was thinking "jackpot" because a canvas of that size would take some time and dedication and lots of money. Too funny
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    The old man pi$$in in the car tank was gettin even with his wife who was having an affair?

    Ive seen him before, just not sure where.