I hope this is not another whinebag question, but I really need help

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    First of all I am sorry if I come off whiney or short, haven't had any sleep at all and exausted every resource I know of available to me.I know you all are not keen on Lost package questions and I get that, I really do. But man I could really really really use some help. I have used this site for a long time never as a member, but I ship I decent amount of next day stuff , and in charge of all shipping for our company , so i have spent hours reading up on everything related. I shuttle between NC and Iowa and lived in a few states and had a lot of experiece using different UPS facilities. The local facillity in Hiawatha employs THE BEST people I have ever worked with at UPS or really most other carriers. These last few days while I have gotten nowhere, they have worked terribly hard and gone above and beyond the call of duty that said this is my ordeal.

    I have a NDA shipped Thursday for delivery yesterday Friday 21st. Normally I could care less if packages are delayed or even lost . Crap happens, it's part of the risk of shipping. However, this specific package is definitely the most important item I have shipped. I have worked in Racing (nextel cup) on and off for 10 years and this item is a prototype for a client that MUST be to the team installed before the date of the test which is next week . Meaning when you rent a track like, Kansas oe Las Vegas you are paying thousands and tens of thousands an hour. BOTTOM LINE if I don't have this in my hands at the latest Monday morning I just lost the largest customer we have , pretty much terminating the company I work for single handedly. If that was not bad enough I had a flight scheduled Saturday to visit a VERY short family holiday trip. Can't leave without the package, so I obviously am spending Christmas with my exciting singular self. In addition the cost of the flight which is no big deal , heck I can even take spending Christmas alone. I however cannot be unemployed and ruin the connection I have taken years to make.

    This NDA tracking is this with status saying IN TRANSIT with no UPDATED (projected) DELIVERY TIME

    [TABLE="class: dataTable"]
    [TR="class: odd"]
    [TD="class: nowrap"]Louisville, KY, United States [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/21/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 9:00 A.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Adverse weather conditions. / Package will be delivered next business day. [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/21/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 3:02 A.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Arrival Scan [/TD]
    [TR="class: odd"]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] San Diego, CA, United States [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/20/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 7:32 P.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Departure Scan [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/20/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 6:55 P.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Arrival Scan [/TD]
    [TR="class: odd"]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/20/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 6:44 P.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Departure Scan [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/20/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 6:34 P.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Origin Scan [/TD]
    [TR="class: odd"]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/20/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 6:21 P.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Pickup Scan [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] United States [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 12/20/2012 [/TD]
    [TD="class: nowrap"] 8:49 P.M. [/TD]
    [TD]Order Processed: Ready for UPS [/TD]

    So it made it to World port at 3AM and then just STOPS> I understand weather but here is the problem . I have the phone numbers for several of the upstanding folks that work at the local destination hub and had been talking with them ever since I saw this seeing if there Air stuff came in OK and if it ALL came in AND if they were done with there sort.The Air stuf came on UPS Flight 504which landed at 9:56AM They said yes yes yes , yours is the only package that was not on this plane, no one else has called at least or complained and we got a ton of air stuff today. They said the would look through everything and call back./

    So Im starting to get nervous as I have been through this before and kind of know what will happen. I spent 6 HOURS on the phone with 1800pickups and obviously you get told the typical brush of several times, so they can get down to the callers that are willing to waste a whole day on the phone. I certainly was not asking them to do anything they couldn't do, and was not rude or short. I simply wanted to know THE LAST PHYSICAL SCAN and have them check the secondary system for any other info. I explained my situation, didn't help at all but I tried . Last physical was at Louisville and no other info available. Finally after the second supervisor they said they called to Louisville and talked to someone physically there (this is all I was asking and praying they would do ) . They said Cathleen says it is NOT THERE, absolute and positively she checked and EVERYTHING going to Cedar Rapids/Hiawatha HAS BEEN SHIPPED and is en route on flight. I explained through flightaware.com you can see the FAA radar for every airport in the US and all scheduled flights for the day, and that was a problem since there were no UPS flights in Cedar Rapids for 9 hours and nothing was leaving Louisville until 5 AM Saturday morning, so it is kind of impossible. They didn't know , I didn't know I thanked her profusely and quit.

    Hiawatha called back and said yeah we don't have anything here, but luckily we have a flight Saturday morning for our NDA Saturday stuff and I was told that ALL the packages for MONDAY will be put on this flight for Saturday morning. So I was elated. I though t heck it got missed scan or misplaced and didn't make the plane but for sure they had it set up to deliver monday right? Well sat morning comes around and I watch the UPS flight 504 land and containers unloaded , hiawatha calls and confirms ALL there Saturday and Monday stuff is in sort now and the minute he has it he will call me. Well I was excited, but I checked the tracking to see if there was a departure scan from louisville and I went flacid in a hurry, nothing NADA. I knew this was not good. Got back on the phone with 1800 pickups and after another 3 hours a three supervisors I got them to check secondary tracking and see if there were any physical scans anything I can do as far as paying someone money to get hands on it (im serious as a heart attack) can I drive to louisville and wait outside the gate and pay an employee a couple hundered to find out whats going on? Can I get hands on it so I can get it to UPS custom critical or Airborne DHL SPD service? Im willing toi pay $500 to get it here today. Yeah nothing. He did however find out THE VERY LAST PHYSICAL SCAN WAS 4am Satuday morning and he says it is in a bag inside an air container inside a trailer. Thinking quick I asked very nicely for the container number.

    IT IS IN CONTAINER OZ_AY78022 and Victor TUS2176 told me this . So i guess it sat in Louisville hub all day Friday (which means it was there and not in transit as the Louisville lady was sure of) and then at 4AM they put it into a trailer. ? Dont know maybe it was there all along. I also know looking at the FAA scheduled flights to leave louisville on SUNDAY there are NONE to Cedar Rapids so its not coming that way. Well Hiawatha never called back, Victor from 1800pickups said that FOR SURE someone would call me today from louisville. That never happened, and I am obviously no longer flying Saturday but this just majorly escalated from crisis, to life changing event. What I can say is there are some darn good people working at UPS and i talked with some of them , but WHY IS THERE NOT A SYSTEM IN PLACE TO LOCATE A PACKAGE WHEN IT IS LOST, I have spent ten of thousand with both DHL and Fedex and the minute something like that happens I can speak with a person in Memphis who will physically walk out and find whomever scanned it last and get to the bottom of it. I know it is asking a lot and you cannot do that for everyone with a problem, but triage the problems. Some are more important I would think then others.( I am biased in that respect though)

    I did not just post to rant I had a few specific questions and this is by far the mostr knowledgeble group to pose them to by far. I know you all are not keen on Lost package questions and I get that, I really do. But man I could really really really use some help. Im am basically begging, here are the questions I have and I do , from the bottom of my heart appreciate the help and the service you all provide. I have a great deal of respect for you all.

    1. IS there any way at all, at all, to find out WHERE the air container OZ_AY78022 or OZ_AAY78022 is going and all that jazz?

    2.Don't feeder truck tractor trailers usaully leave Sat for mondays stuff so they can be unloaded, or do some of the tractor trailers leave Sunday to courier the Monday packages in?

    3. Wouldn't the projected delivery date change if there was an exception or delay due to weather to monday and or say EXCEPTION? There are no exceptions and no projected delivery date I know every time ive had this happen in the past it goes to exception and changes delivery date to Monday

    4.Wouldnt there at least be a departure scan if it ever leaves Louisville even if it is not a physical but at least a derived

    5. Can any of you in Louisville be bribed for a couple hundred dollars to get this in your hands? I am dead serious on this. In the past I have had Airborne DHL and even Fedex pull stuck misplaced screwed up packages from laying in a facility and then got it on next flight out service for a couple hundred dollars, Im so willing to this it is not funny , But unlike fedex and DHL no one at UPS will do this. Now that the truck is loaded may not be possible but I asked at 8amFriday morning and they still said no way.
    6. Can I hire a UPS liason to help me get this fixed? If any oh you want to start an excellent business and have contacts with the right UPS people, I swear you could make millions. Place an ad , "need help with ups shipping? We know the right people in the right places and for a fee we will get answers. "

    It certainly in no way is any UPS workers fault any of this happened, except maybe whomever forgot to put it in the damn plane at 956AM Friday morning since it had been sitting at Worldport since 3AM, I guess in that seven hours it was lost or something. But honestly you have some really good people that work for your company , but maybe there could be some improvement in implementing a tracing system more like fedex, longest I have waited for a fedex trace is 3 hours, UPS said it would take DAYS and delay my shipment even more. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and appreciate you taking the time to read this. I am praying it gets resolved in time . And believe me if this was not my only hope left I would not bother you with my issues, I know you hear them all day and some dumb ones at that. Heck maybe mines dumb it is all relative I guess.
    Thank you so much
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    All of the NDA leaving Louisville was late on Friday. We didn't get our Louisville air until mid-afternoon which was too late to get it sorted and shuttled out to the drivers. When I came off-road I saw the pallets with the air which had been sorted and broken down by zip code ready for delivery on Saturday. The drivers were asked if they wanted to work on Saturday---I would have had it not been for my daughter's Christmas party at her home in Albany. Whatever work was not delivered will be rolled over to Monday.

    If your package was not delivered yesterday you will have it Monday.
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    op: no one will accuse you of being short
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    There will be several waves of air on for Monday. All packages in the air system will be delivered as that is UPS policy for Christmas Eve.
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    I dont have the energy left to read your whole post but bet it arrives monday.
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    I was called to the airport saturday, I had a couple hours left, There were planes coming in saturday for monday. Worldport was so backed up due to weather and volume.. You will get your package on monday..... enjoy your day
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    If this was so mission critical to the entire business and your job why was it not personally flown and hand delivered by you or a company employee. A prototype part shipped at peak is just plain stupid using any carrier.... :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: HAPPENS
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    If you read around some more, you will find that Rockford sort was shut down Thursday. That volume was diverted to Louisville. I thought there was another post in another thread that said 400k was not processed overnight Thursday and that all that volume would go out for Monday delivery.

    I find it hard to believe that your local center manager knew that they had all their air volume for Monday. My boss has no idea what to expect for Monday as late packages do not add into the forecast.
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    This is not how UPS does business.
    I am sad that our service is suffering due to weather events.
    I am happy when compared to DHL and FedEx; we demonstrate integrity.
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    It's not that someone wouldn't go out and look for the container/package. It's that everyone is afraid to go out and look on their own without someone in the ivory tower directing them to. They are that afraid nowadays that they don't pee without a written ok.
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    It's called weather and x-mas your package will get there Monday...
  12. The weather was bad Thursday and volume was at an all time high but Air is sent on the ground on the weekends due to cost. They truck it out on Saturday and come back in Sunday in time for sort. Your local Hub should have it late Sunday evening for Monday delivery. Good luck to you, Merry Christmas and I pray brown comes through for you.
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    Poor Hank....:surprised:
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    First of all I would like to thank everyone who took any sort of interest to read this and especially reply. I can honestly tell you, if it shows up Monday some people will be getting Christmas and gift cards Monday for there extraordinary care at the local hub Monday. Even if it does not come, they still will get it, truly people that are a credit to ups. I saw some kinf of possible movement here in the last 30 min, so I am encouraged. Heck even if it leaves out of Louisville, a fortress, and reaches Iowa , I can at least drive the 5 hours to Des Moines or wherever it is at and physically get hands on, or someone get hands on.

    Serenitynow - I set myself up for that one. It is half the reason I had been lurking in these posts for the last year, it has some pretty good sarcasm. Yeah it is long, I thought , after I read the sticky post about customers that I would try include all information i had, or I guess was relayed.

    Rowdy- thanks for the info, I am fairly sure it was still in Louisville as it was the last physical listing it in an air contaier in a bag in a trailer in the parking lot, all flights scheduled by the FAA to KCID have come and gone and are no more UPS flights till Monday night, so I was sure it was not coming by air. I'll be the first to tell you the whole post is self serving, that doesn't negate the fact I have a huge amount of respect for most all the people that work for this company, I would not own stock in it if I believed different. I was at my end after cancelling flight to spend christmas with family and knew if it was not here Monday it would be life changing. Money is money , family is important and is keeping contacts and relationships I have been lucky enough to start buisness and friendships with.

    Bubblehead- - Tons and tons I had a heck of a time fitting it into that .5lb envelope though :}
    Should be a MSD type integrated circuit with some magnetic protection I hope
    "Code name hardhat", "lard---" Great movie
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    I get that .... now. Had I known then what I know now, would have done it in an instant. I had priced next flight out service through several carriers, it was $600+ , I was honestly debating doing it but I have had decent luck with ups in the past and thought it was the right thing to do. As far as time goes, I had no control over that at all, the second it was done it was shipped. Now I know lesson learned. Thanks for the reply.
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    Yes I totally understand that. May not agree but accept it.

    On another note, not to hijack my own thread but you drivers and even non drivers, would you rather have cash in hand as a tip , or perhaps gift card etc.

    I know in the past some take it some don't , I personally see no problem with it at all, but I think some couriers policy may be to not accept cash. Would it offend any of you?

    Just curious ,
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    If you see the same driver a lot (you say you do a lot of shipping) either $ or a gift card would probably be appreciated.
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    if it's cash just put it in an envelope; then i don't know what it is:wink2:
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    I just tracked the package and it shows that it arrived in Des Moines, Iowa at 1:57PM. So it should be delivered tomorrow by the relaxed commit time. I'm sorry that the package was delayed, this is a "perfect storm" scenario. Busiest time of the year with twice the packages and a bad winter storm. I hope that somebody is available to receive the package if this is going to a commercial stop, a lot of businesses will be closed tomorrow. When I got back to my building Friday night, the clerks were trying to dig through thousands of air packages and letters trying to find payrolls that came in too late. I'm also sorry for some of the petty responses to your thread, I appreciate that you as a customer is the reason that I get a paycheck every week.
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    Your package will be delivered Monday AM.. poor weather in Kentucky Friday morning pushed millions of package either late or missed. I didn't read your entire post but I would recommend calling and requesting an upgrade to Saturday Delivery in the future.