Neocons Jumping Ship?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Francis Fukuyama who was in the thick of neo-conservatives who helped formulate the idea of war on Iraq as early as the late 90's when Clinton was President has now defected the ranks and his piece on the subject from the 2/19 issue of the NY Times is worth the read. Not only a history lesson of sorts on the neo-conservative movement but worthwhile read on the thinking process of the before, during and after and people who truly were a part of the policy process that has us today where we are.

    Have a good weekend all!

    Oh, and concerning the 1998' letter? Here it is and you'll see Mr. Fukuyama's name clearly present among a list of names that should be very familar to all.
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    Well in 2006' we had the Neocons jumping ship and now 3 years later it appears these pirates have landed on the new Black Pearl.

    Even have the traditional plotline with 2 damsels (here & here) in distress among their (damsels) own political base. Even the efforts of Captain Dick to save the fair damsels were dashed on the rocks by his own seacharts. Seems an Ensign Mueller and sailors loyal to him have offered their own bit of mutiny to the thinking of Capt. Dick and Admiral Bush although it's confusing sometimes as to who is really the admiral and who is the captain.

    Hold on for the ride because like one of those Viagra knockoff commercials sez "This could be fun!"

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    Dick is also smart enough to know that pressures exist abroad to investigate and move forward in international tribunals on the charges of treaty violations by the US via the Bush adminstration. Even England is debating it's own internal conflict on this. More disclosure is to follow and with it, more heat on those behind it including Cheney.

    IMO, Cheney is just trying to herd the masses on his side as some kind of hedge if the other shoe does drop.