Nevada congressman Horsford works ‘undercover’ in Las Vegas for UPS

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    Nevada congressman Horsford works ‘undercover’ in Las Vegas for UPS - Review Journal

    Horsford, as part of a constituent outreach effort, went “undercover” Friday morning to help a UPS driver deliver packages to the medical office building and the nearby Centennial Hills Hospital in his 4th Congressional District.

    He said he wanted to get a from-the-ground perspective of the working man and woman in Las Vegas.

    Horsford, a former state Senate majority leader, said his first job was cleaning out kennels at night. He also worked at a Pizza Hut, but nothing prepared him for the heavy-lifting and hustle involved in the UPS delivery job.

    “I should have stretched more,” he joked at one point while helping distribute packages at the hospital.
  2. rod

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    its good to see at least one UPS truck got cleaned up for a day.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Sounds like he was limited to an antiseptic exposure.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    As opposed to the septic tank we normally have.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I can't imagine how much of a pain in the butt it would be to have a "celebrity" ride with you for part or all of the day.
  6. upschuck

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    I bet they lightened the load for him that day.
  7. joeboodog

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    As long as he bought lunch I wouldn't care.
  8. upschuck

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    You'd be paying for it one way or the other.
  9. Gumby

    Gumby * flash.....a congressman, actually does some work!...Stop the press! Now its time for him to take 3 months off! who gives a truck!
  10. browntroll

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    i knew the "undercover" part was bs when i saw them stretching together. like when we have news reporters at
    my hub, they limit them to one area and tell everyone to not throw boxes or limit their talking.
  11. Susan G Bennett

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    At least some work is going on.