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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Insomniac, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Insomniac

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    Hi I just started working at ups in Inglewood,CA.So far I love it.I went to the web site but it doesn't look right.Is there another web site for ups emp..
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  3. Insomniac

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    I cant get logged in, My login ID & my password are correct but I cant get past the upsers processing page after you log in , I've waited over 30 min. & my computer still says processing , I have a cable so download speed is no problem , anyone have any suggestions? Rick
  5. david

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    Ask your lead supervisor or the HR person in your operation. Some people have had trouble login in to the system.
  6. Insomniac

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    same with me I couldnt log in I will talk to them at work on monday.
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    your user id is your employee id which is on your pay stub
    your password if you have not been on the website, yet!
    Password will be as follow example
    last name: 1st 2 letters of last name
    Birth year: 1964........64.........the last 2 numbers of birth year
    emp. ID: 1234567......67.........the last 2 numbers of employee ID
    so password would be:........sm6467

    This should get you in and then you can go in your profile and change your password.....hope this helps