New Courier At Fedex Blues...

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Bravo Zulu, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Bravo Zulu

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    New Courier At Fedex...
    I was excited about getting the job and really looked forward to working with Fedex...

    Not much I can say specific because I know this forum is being watched by corporate to some degree...
    But I'll just say the following...

    The level of communication is next to nothing.
    I've been employed for over a month and still don't have a uniform.
    I'm a non factor.

    I've given up on approaching my manager with questions because there NEVER seems to be a good time for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and concerns about what's going on...

    I get a check every week but I really don't feel like I work there...
    I understand that I'm new and a new person isn't truly part of the family yet.
    But as someone who wanted to make a career out of this, I'm quickly seeing that I'm at the wrong station and maybe the wrong company...
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  3. whenIgetthere

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    Hope you don't expect things to get any better, because they don't, they only go downhill from here!
  4. Mr. 7

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    Seems like you picked the wrong screen name.
    Anyway, everything you say is the way it will be. Might as well bail as soon as you can. I'm not kidding.
  5. whenIgetthere

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    LOL. That's the only BZ he/she will ever see! Just OLCC's up the ying-yang!
  6. Mr. 7

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    I kinda find it hard to believe that they've got B/Z out there as a courier w/o a uniform.
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    Probably in training. Don't worry BZ, soon you'll long for the days when you were under the radar. You may be in luck. They're supposed to have a new pay system in place next March that'll get you to top out faster. And they just got rid of the old review system. You won't know the joys of getting dinged on your review for calling in sick. You may actually enjoy getting to better pay faster than many of us. You may actually be glad you stuck with it someday. And don't forget, if there's some place that you've always wanted to live in, you can transfer with FedEx, it's single most redeeming perk. So be kind to the guys in their 30's and 40's. We're the lost generation who made it possible for you to have a semblance of a life!
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    Wow, does any of this sound familiar? You're right about being at the wrong company. Get out now if you can and find a job with some actual potential. Oh, and make sure they have a real retirement plan, not a pretend one like FedEx.
  10. Mr. 7

    Mr. 7 The monkey on the left.

    Just tonight, as I'm clocking out, I get into a discussion with a new hire PT'er.
    We're talking about pay and the no-review-anymore. I tell him that I've been on board with X for 5 yrs. had perfect 7 reviews for the past 3 yrs. (you guys know you can't get a perfect score your first 2 yrs.) and I let him know that I'm only making $.90 an hr. more than he is.

    I told him to get out if he has a chance. He's Ex-DHL and Ex-Ground. He appreciated my candor.


    I think it's a lot easier if you just think of FredEx as a cult. You know you should leave, but the brainwashing makes it extremely difficult. After almost 15 years, I make a hair over TWICE what I started at. How wonderful is that?

    Wonder if I can get food stamps, seeing as how I am actually below poverty level...and I'm fulltime!

    Run while you're young enough to run and not worry about your knees and back giving out while you're running!
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    The Company has changed for the worse. With all the companies they are gobbling up over seas and the usa. To many engineers to many auditors and to many bad ideas from memphis.
  13. Mr. 7

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    What ever happened to Mr. B.Z. anyway?
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    Hopefully he wised up and realized what a tremendous waste of time, energy, physical and mental health and life FedEx is. I noticed a lot of the newer employees are not as gullible as management thinks they are. The turnover ratios at a lot of the stations in several districts I know of are very high. They are quicker to catch on to the 30 year top outs and the endless micromanagement schemes the company continues to introduce. I wished I would have figured it out sooner. Maybe I wouldn't have wasted what should have been some of the best years of my life being a company mule.
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    Welcome to the Jungle!!!
  16. armymom

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    :smart:If you think it's bad at FedEx go try UPS! Can't get any worse for workers than big brown! Makes me appreciate Fedex more everyday.....
  17. MrFedEx

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    Oh yes it can. At least UPS workers make a decent wage. Are you an officer in Maury's Army?
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    Nice, MFE. Her first post and you have to be acidic in your reply. You haven't changed one bit since I got here. Still hard for you to fathom that not everyone sees Fedex exactly as you do or that UPSers aren't exactly happy in their situation.
  19. bbsam

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    Welcome to BC, armymom. (See, MFE? That's how it's done.)
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    I just had Anthem Blue Cross deny payment on a stress test last March. Hospital is now saying I owe the $7200. If I were at UPS I wouldn't even owe the $1600 I'm still paying on. And if I had UPS pay I could save more, invest more, leave sooner if I chose to. My mgr could act like a Marine drill sergeant for all I care if they paid me better. FedEx is very much like the old Soviet Union. We do everything for the company, and in return they give us enough to get by. Why would anyone want better pay and benefits when they can have that?