New Driver Helper - DIAD Training???

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    Do driver helpers use the DIAD, or is that the driver's responsibility? Just had my orientation today, and after I got home I realized that they didn't train us on how to use DIAD. During the first day of interview, they said they would do the DIAD training during orientation, but nope....

    So what's the deal here? Did they forget, or will I just need to get a crash course lesson from my driver?
  2. Nimnim

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    From what I've gathered from other drivers on this board, it depends on your driver if they want you to use the diad and how much they show you on it.
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    just chill, the DIAD is pretty easy. its straight forward, just pay attention. the driver will show you, if he wants you to use it. some do and some dont.
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    No, I wish I did though