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    Another question for you guys (and girls)..

    Since I was hired into full time driving back in January, I've been sent home on three Fridays, and Two Mondays. One Monday I was called and told not to come in, but every other time I was sent home after arriving at the center (and standing around for about a half hour while they decided if they needed me that day or not). From what I understand, I am entitled to 8 hours for those days that I showed up to work and was sent home. I was not paid. I just want to make sure that my understanding is correct before going the grievance route. This is happening to myself and another new driver, and we have talked about it and planning on bringing it up with our steward tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance
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    If you are a trainee, they can abuse you any way they choose.....and they will. If you have made book, you are guaranteed 4 hours report pay if you are not on a posted layoff list. Good luck.
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    I assume from your post that you are a cover driver. I think the answer to your question is within your post. You said that they called you at home on one Monday and told you that they were all set but the remaining layoff days you came in and then were sent home. I am a little surprised that they don't have you calling in every day rather than them calling you but that is beside the point. Based upon what you have presented, I would have to agree that you should be entitled to 8 hours pay for each day that you came in to work and then were sent home. Just curious, how many routes do you know? The reason I am asking is that when I was a cover driver I made sure to learn the routes of the older drivers as I knew that they were more likely to be looking for a day off, especially this time of year, so I would go in and ask them if they wanted to go home. More often than not they would say yes and I would work. The sups didn't really care as long as they had coverage with knowledge on the area. I have 2 cover drivers who know my area and I always check with them to see if they are scheduled and, if not, I try to help them out by taking a day here or there (4 so far this year--it's been a tough winter). As I said, as long as there is coverage with knowledge on the area, the sups don't really care.

    May I suggest that, prior to filing the grievances, that you sit down with your on-car or center manager, discuss your concerns, and find out where they are coming from. They may have simply overlooked it--doubtful, but possible. If their answers aren't satisfactory to you then by all means file the grievances and keep us updated.
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    I agree with Upstate and will add to it...

    First and foremost, find out what the contract says about your situation. If you cant find it, then ask your shop steward. Not sure what your contract language says, but here if you show up to work ready to go, then they are required to pay you 8 hours. There is language which details layoff procedures.

    Make sure that when mgt tells you that they dont need you that day, tell them you expect to be paid. They will more than likely do one of two things: they will either tell you that you are laid off for the day anyway(which is the wrong answer), or they will find you work. Keep in mind, if you choose to push it, be prepared to go out blind on a run.
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    I'm going through the same thing. If you are full-time and already qualified (30 days under your belt) then you are entitled to 8 hours at driver pay. If you do other work for 7 consecutive days then your pay will be reduced to hub pay until you drive again. That's how it works here anyway. If I know for sure I won't be driving I work two shifts in the building or one shift combined with air driving. That is my favorite option. Some laid off drivers just take those days off with no pay or work one shift (hours only) so they'll get a half a day at least. One day I delivered EAMs in the morning and then came in in the afternoon and washed trucks and my paycheck for that week had driver pay for all hours worked. The thing to remember is that you are entitled to 8 hours if you want it. Let your sups know when you want it but don't hesitate to take a day off once in a while or work hours only because come summer time you'll be begging for time off. And once that's over with there is peak to look forward to.
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    if you were in our center you'd probably work at least 4 days a week...a large portion of our drivers are regularly scheduled off at least 1 day a week (without pay)...or request off a day per week...IMO, if you can afford to live on a 4 day paycheck (I do)then give the work to the young guys who are still struggling to establish themselves and are still dealing w/ house and car payments and little Johnny's braces
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    Ryan, read your contract book. You do have a copy,don't you?

    What region you in? If in Central Region, the supplement states if you are not called or instructed to stay home and you are a seniority driver, that is, one that has qualified and been put on the seniority list (not necessarily having a bid route, however):

    Art 12-Hours of Work
    Sec 7

    "...Any full-time employee reporting to work and not put to work shall receive six (6) hours' guarantee."

    Does this apply? Have you met the qualifications? Are you a senior driver? By that I don't mean having yrs and yrs under your belt. Ask around your center, your steward.
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    if your told to be in you show you want your 8 hours say im staying you will do crap in hub but it will be worth on pay day also on those days you take lunch even if yougo sit in your car they will not like you but thats no suprise they willget the message they will work you.