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    you guys and gals have been a great help from day 1. have a few more questions. please keep in mind that I did not go to intergrad but rather had training at a nearby facility.

    I had a problem with another new driver the other night. I was sent to take about 20 stops off of her. I have done this several times and never had a problem. However, I still had about 10 stops left on my truck. When we went to do the EDD transfer, the stops came off of her board, but I couldn't see them on my board. It did say transfer complete and big arrow up......but I couldn't get them, or i should say see them. What was I doing wrong? I asked a couple of "seasoned" drivers and they didn't even know how to do a transfer or didn't want to share with a newbie.

    Another question. When I need to send a message back to the center I have 3 choices. Dispatch, center and both. Who should I be sending the message to and for what senerio? Please keep in mind that the training I was givne was minimal. We spent less then 1hr going over the diad in class. Basicly given about 10 zerox copies of lables and had to scan them and record stops. That was it. I basicly learned it by trial and error.

    Also, did anyone else find it difficult to use the alpha part of the diad being that it is in alphabetical order? I am so use to my blackberry and computers being set up like a typewriter. For some reason the alphabetical order is slowing me down when I have to input names and such
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    This specific EDD transfer problem has happened to me also. You have to "override" each stop when you deliver it. As to the message question, I haven't thought about this for so long. All I know is that I automatically hit 6-3-1-(and I think) 0 to message to the center. Maybe it's different with each building.

    Welcome to the driving world! Isn't it so much more fun when you are not under the constant physical watch of a supe? Just don't forget they have GPS and know how many stops you have done and how many more you have to go. Get into good habits now. Find a driver that will help you out, willing to be your mentor in your beginning driving career. (And not make you feel like an idiot when you ask all the newby "dumb" questions.) Don't start cutting corners at this time in your driving to save time. It will catch up with you later. And as you get more experience, your speed will increase.
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    Thanks! Yea, I do have to do the override. That really wasn’t the problem. I couldn't see the transferred stops on my diad at all. It only happened when I still had my own deliveries yet to do. When I had completed all my stops and then did a meet to get stops, I had no problem getting and seeing the new acquired stops. Still had to hit override though. Not a big issue for me. Just curious as to why I couldn’t see the stops that were transferred. I know it has something to do with the stops that I had yet to complete from my original EDD.
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    I would first ask my supervisor these questions then move on to fellow drivers, then perhaps the "Diad guy" that every center has that usually knows the technology pretty well.

    After an EDD transfer is complete it usually ask you if you want to switch routes to see what you just recieved from another driver.
    If not you press Change Route or "ChgRt" which is listed on the bottom of the display screen on your DIAD. I think its the 2nd function key.

    When sending a message to the Center I always use both, and have so for 3 years, better to be safe then sorry. I dont think they really care unless your in a HUGE center, and Im sure they will tell you if you are doing it wrong.

    The alphabetical order you get used to, id say in 4-6months its easy to use and you can do it in the dark, just takes a while to adjust.

    Theres 3 other things you should know how to do on a DIAD that they will never tell you to, but ill let you figure them out.

    1. Turn the backlight on or off
    2. Adjust the 'beep' volume
    3. Reset it
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    WOOOO WOOOO WOOOO....the keys can light up??????? I thought that perhaps they did, but being that I dropped my Diad here and there that I may have broken the backlight. I couldn't understand how I was suppose to use the damn thing at night in the rain!!! Can't wait to go play with it come Monday!!

    OH....and thanks for the chgrt. I will have to look for that too!
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

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    Key backlighting - double click the alpha key, then double click the key above & to the left (Shift?)
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    Another dumb question.

    My "start time" is 8:15am. Thats what the Diad says and was told. However I get in around 7:45-8am. Get my Diad and start to do pretrip. It asks if I was to punch in. I always click yes. Am I allowed to do this? I don't expect to get paid for that 15 minutes, but do I get paid for this and will the center manager or whoever get :censored2: at me for clocking in? I was under the impression that even though I clock in to do the pretrip and input vehicle milage and such, that I am actualy not getting paid until my "start time".
  8. But Benefits Are Great!

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    Re: Another dumb question.

    You are not getting paid until start time. I'm in the same boat - calling, "start time" is 8:30, but I damn well better be there by 8:00 or the poop hits the fan.
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    Re: Another dumb question.

    But it is "cool" to clock in on the Diad. Correct?
  10. But Benefits Are Great!

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    Re: Another dumb question.

    Cool is good. I'd rather get paid.
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    Re: Another dumb question.

    Yea, me too. Had you gotten paid for all that xtra time, you may have broken 27$ for the last 6 weeks!!
  12. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Re: Another dumb question.

    Thats almost a 5% increase in pay!!!!
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    Your question about getting the stops on your diad after the transfer. If you still have stops from your route and get other stops from someone else.

    push 6 which is Comm
    push 4 which is get EDD
    then using the 5th soft key ( it says CHG ROU)

    That will give you there stops that were transfered. You also do that to go back to your route.

    Hope that helps
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    You have my complete attention-

    How do you change the beep volume?
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    Ask drewed...he knows everything about UPS. :bigsmile2:
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    Perfect!! thanks!!
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    Can't we just go back to paper?
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    Hasn't anyone figured out that KOC and BBAG are one in the same?
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    Every once in a while, for no reason at all, my diad sound will stop working. I use an old Army trick I learned while in the service which is to bang the diad on the floor of the truck a couple of times and it will start working again. :wink2: