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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Jonesy311, May 1, 2016.

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    I just got hire in a week ago as a pre-loaded and I've ask a couple of coworkers what kind of health benefits does ups provide. Nobody seems to know... Anybody know what kind of benefits ups provides? And when will I be eligible for them?
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  3. silenze

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    I get preloaded on Friday and loaded on Saturday
  4. hyena

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  5. By The Book

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    If you pass probation and become a permanent employee it usually is 1 year from your hire date when you are eligible for health care benefits.
  6. PiedmontSteward

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    Bargaining unit hourly PT employees have $0 premium insurance coverage with $10 co-pays and a $100/$200 yearly deductible for individual/family coverage with a $1,000/$2,000 out of pocket max.

    But it takes a year to become eligible for coverage, which is the real kicker.

    Also includes a minimum of $40,000 in $0 premium life insurance.