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    (Forgive me if someone's mentioned this already, but I haven't been paying as close attention to these forums as I could have.)

    As the owner of a store, I have QuantumView set-up to notify me of any exceptions on the many packages I ship, so I literally see hundreds of exceptions a month, but in the last couple days I've seen some I've never seen before. For example, "Driver error occurred".

    That one's on a package that was Out for Delivery this morning, but didn't get delivered. Now I don't know if it was misloaded on the wrong car, couldn't be found on the right car, or what, but from what I know, "driver" error is a bit unlikely.

    And even if it was driver error, is that really what UPS should be telling anyone who knows the tracking number for the package (including the consignee)? Does it really matter to anyone outside the company? The delivery didn't get made, and UPS should acknowledge that a mistake was made, and at least imply that corrective action is being taken to get the delivery back on track, and avoid similar problems in the future. But why does anyone outside the company need to know who the finger is being pointed at?

    Tomorrow a driver is going to show up with that package, and if the consignee saw the exception is going to think, "This is the guy who screwed-up the delivery yesterday."

    Ultimately, pointing the finger at the most pubic face of the company is going to undermine confidence in the whole service. They're basically throwing the drivers under the bus (or package car) on this.

    Maybe I'd change my mind if I saw an exception that read: "Delayed due to careless management". But unless that exception exists, and I just haven't seen it, "Driver Error Occurred", in my opinion, is not an exception that should be displayed for the public to see. I know I'd never throw my employees under the bus like that.
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    You just learned what we already know. It's never their fault, it's always ours. Not true, but that's what they think.
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    I'll notify the Marketing and User people responsible for QVN and let them know.

    We take internal codes displayed to eTT users and usually map them to a "customer facing" verbiage for display.

    This was probably not intentional.

    Thanks for reporting.


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    This is the only company I know of that could care less about their employees. They feel that since we are paid well (or in their case, OVERPAID), that we gave them the authority to beat us up about anything. The OP seems like he already has inside knowledge of the NEW UPS INFRASTUCTURE.

    UPS only cares that the package was sheeted, not the reason. More drivers will be in the office for backing up a driveway 40 feet than for a supposed non-delivery.
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    Sounds to me like he has dealt with the local management. A lot!
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    What you mean the management is never wrong? its always the drivers fault. you know what rolls down hill and we are at the bottom of the hill.
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    if you think being a driver is being at the bottom of the hill, you my friend, were never a pre-loader