New FedEx Offering?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by oz, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. oz

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    Has anyone heard of a new FedEx COD option called E-COD? The rumor is that they will offer unlimited CODs for a flat service rate of $10 per week, and the funds will be deposited electronically within 2 days! If this is true, it will kill our COD business, which in some districts is a large percentage of customers. Those of you with contacts at FedEx, please post whatever you can find out.
  2. keilee

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    UPS offers c.o.d. service similar to FDX. Here a few of the highlights:
    UPS charges a perchentage of the tag value, while fedex charges a weekly fee ($10.00)
    UPS offers this service for all domestic shipments (excluding Sonic Air) Fedex offers this with Ground only.
    Max amount of cod funds for UPS is $50,000 FedEx is $25,000
    UPS offers COD secure (which means we will cover the shipper if there is anything wrong w/the payment) FedEx won't
    This is only a direct deposit option. The fee is not for the COD but for the deposit don't let your customers try to trick you with that. They still have the standard tag fee of $6.00, just like us. [​IMG]
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    Oh, make sure you collect one check if the COD is over $10,000-or the accountants will have some explaining to do to the IRS.

    What does this have to do with the F-word company's cod option? Absolutly nothing.
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    So, FedEx still charges per COD? And UPS also has a direct deposit option, but it is a percentage, not a flat fee? [​IMG]
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    There are good and bad to both services just like anything else we do. Fedex doesn't have a flat rate on COD tags, they charge 6.00/tag if the cod amt is less than 300.00 or 2% of the tag value, so we make it up some where else. [​IMG]