New Female at ups Am I in trouble?

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    Hey guys Im new to the forum and ups family so I'll make this as short as possible.I got hired on june 25,2012 for unloader by the end of class got switched to sorter.On 11pm-4 am shift.Im a "decent" looking female 26 years of age.But i pull my weight.I learned the sort chart,show up on time and put in my work accordingly. no bit*hing whining or begging for help.Heyy I know what I signed up for.I graduate next year to teach Special Education so im trying to pay for my summer classes.Well anyway the past week Ive been sent out of my area everyday.To unload,small sort,reentry,air sort everything.Yesterday I hear my supervisor talking and it seems this one particular supervisor is requesting me by name!:sad-little: Ive only been on the floor two weeks.Plus the guy seems to be "nice" but im not one those broads who take a simple hello as lets bang!One chicks goes oh there priming you to go sup bs after two weeks yea right.

    I just want to know is this normal and there are like 13 of us on the sort aisle and another chick and myself got hired together and she hasnt been sent away yet!Im still in 30 days so I just go with the flow!But like when i get sent to unload I heard I lose the dollar which is a BIG NO BUENO FOR ME!

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    Sounds legit. As long as your are holding your weight its all good. Its tough with big brown if your a hard worker they may see that and exploit you into doing more than the rest.

    For tuition reimbursement you have to be employed before the courses begin.

    Welcome to the board.
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    Just curious, why did you feel the need to describe yourself?
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    I moved this thread out of the "Introductions and Welcome" Forum so it will get more reads. So welcome to the forum velle1203.

    Its pretty normal to be moved around the building to help in areas that are getting hit hard or are short staffed that night. I would like to think that it is a good sign that your supervisor thinks that you are a good worker and will represent his area well. As far as being a woman, you are in a majority male environment so I would imagine there could be a lot of guys hitting on you. I don't think thats its right if you are hired to do one job and get shorted a dollar an hour if you are sent into another area. I started as a Loader decades ago, so I don't know what your rights are as far as that goes. Maybe a Shop Steward can put his input in on this matter.
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    Also, due to curiosity, why not? It's not like she described every one of her measurements or anything. Most new members on the forum are inclined to leave out quite a few details, so she just included what some may view as pertinent information
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    Maybe we should see a picture since we are on topic..... :o
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Fair enough--I am a "decent" looking 51 year old man.

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    If that is you, you couldn't score in a womens prison with a fistfull of $100 dollar bills.
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  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When you use the $ you don't have to also use the word "dollar".
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    That passes for decent looking? You look like Abe Lincoln's wee-todded nephew.
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    perhaps you should have specified who's picture we wanted to see
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    Man, you guys are brutal. Upstate is brash and unforgiving at times, but I don't think it's cool to clown him on his looks. At least he has the bollocks to post a pic of himself.
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    I'm Indecisi0n and I have a hairy butt.
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    Just inviting your normal smart (?) comment.
  15. cachsux

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    I have seen females fast tracked in managment. Some for legitimate skills. Some as eye candy.
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    Making a "broad" generalization( I kid, I kid) but it does seem females, especially younger ones, get fast tracked to supervision. But it tends to not be in operations. We have a gaggle of chicks who apparently get paid to walk around the hub and text on their phones. So called "training" sups, but that usually consists of "hey, here's your work area, I'm going to disappear for four hours, then have you initial your book, which I filled with BS".

    As to her self description, I assumed it was because she thought she was being treated differently because of her looks.
  17. toonertoo

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    welcome to ups. As a female, I expected it to be a whole lot worse than it ever has been. If you do your job, and dont expect any special treatment, you will be fine. I have much respect from my co workers, and I give that in return. UPS is non discrimanatory, they work us all the same. So I understand your fears. There are things worse than being a pretty good looking girl who can lift heavy things. Enjoy!!
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    I only kidding.... nice way to defend the new ladies Dave.
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    Are you hot???
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