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    Hey guys, just signed up. Been PT for 1.5 years and just started full time ground a week ago. Got a quick question. I have been told to read the Safety 24/7 book at home and write a summary of it. Can they make me do this without pay? Other drivers said they did it on the clock a few years ago.
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    Listen to the other drivers. Don’t come crying here when you’re back on preload next week.
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    I've been at UPS for 17 years, driving for almost 15 of them, and I've never even heard of a 'safety 24/7 book'. But if this is a real thing, then no, they cannot make you do ANYTHING off the clock without pay.

    If they want you to do it at home, and you're willing to do so at your house, ask them how they'd like you to document your time to be paid. But I wouldn't even do it at my house. I'd only come in on their time, and do it in the break or conference room, while I was punched in and code it out as 'little q' compliance training.
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    Thank you very much. Truly appreciate the information.
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    Grab your steward tomorrow morning and ask him what he thinks. There's no way he's gonna let you work of the clock, but tell him about how they're telling you to do compliance training at home, and see what he recommends you do.

    I think it sets a bad precedent to do work at home, even if it's paid, and if I was your steward I wouldn't allow it to happen. Before you know it, everyone is getting homework, and the only one it benefits is the company/dispatcher who doesn't have to alter his plan for the day.
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    Just do it so you can hopefully get the job. Then after that you can do all that not working off the clock crap later but right now you need the job why cause a ruckus you're not in there yet.
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    He is in, unless I'm reading incorrectly. He said he started full time package last week.
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    I read it as he started his training route last week. Do whatever you have to do to qualify if that is what you want.
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    I'm not sure which of us is correct, but if he's qualifying, I agree that he's probably gotta suck it up and do whatever it is they ask within reason to get through those 30 work days without a DQ.
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    They can disqualify you if they don’t like your attitude. You gotta make them believe you aren’t going to be a problem employee. Just read the book, if you want the job.
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    Never heard of a safety book. Maybe you mean the 10 point commentary, five seeing habits etc? If so, and you are trying to qualify, then yes you should study those. before, during and after work.
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    All these idiots write they’re hired when they haven’t even qualified yet.
  15. LarryBird

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    I didn’t realize that, and was reading his post literally, which meant taking him at his word that he was hired FT last week.

    Hey, OP - If you just went to school, and you got back last week to start driving:
    Not only are you not full-time, you are not yet a driver, as you've not qualified yet.

    Consider yourself like a candidate for package driver. Look at it like they are basically seeing if you've got 'the right stuff' to actually become a driver for UPS, and act accordingly.

    Here's some tips to get you through qualification:
    You should do what they ask of you within reason, by working as instructed within the methods they provided you, and try to do it safely above all else, while showing consistent improvement throughout this probationary period. Any accident or injury is an automatic DQ. Keep this in the back of your mind, but don't dwell on it.

    Do NOT fret about this word 'scratch' they will have you hearing in your sleep, because as long as you are showing them you have the ability to become a near-scratch driver in the future, once you've got the necessary area knowledge, you are on the right track to qualify. Not many people are gonna step into the brown truck and onto an area they aren't intimately familiar with and start running scratch - hell, 90% of us have been at it and know our areas like the back of our hand, and still don't run scratch. Their numbers for most areas are unrealistic, and the day we all start making them is the day they'll change again in the company's favor.

    Don't be afraid to talk to your co-workers and ask them questions, we were all new at one point, and we know how it feels to hear all this terminology and whatnot and have no clue what the :censored2: it is. Find out who the drivers are that run your area and get their phone numbers - use them. Gather all the knowledge you can from vets, we know things you don't know to make the job easier and pick up some time throughout the day...where people work, deliveries where you can make their pickup at the same time, the correct order the route should be run while disregarding that piece of :censored2: ORION, customers who like/are willing to come meet you on road and save you a trip, the customers who are a pain in the ass and who are looking/dying to call UPS to complain and how to keep them happy. Etc etc etc.

    This will help insure you qualify, help you become a good/better driver, and get you started on the road to becoming a pro box monkey who has a successful career as a driver at UPS.

    And don't get stressed, nobody's a natural born delivery prodigy, but at the same time it's not brain surgery either, so it will all get easier fairly quickly, and before you know it you'll be able to literally do the job without hardly thinking about much besides choosing where to park.
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    How many cats did you punch, to become known as the catpuncher?

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    You need to read it to prepare for the final exam